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A sun salutation a day, keeps the doctor away

1 May 2015

I believe in yoga, therefor in the strength of the sun salutution. Since 2000 Ganga Hoogendoorn is my yoga teacher and in short, yoga taught me to connect through conscious breathing and letting go. Which is a never-ending process of awareness, some days I feel the benefits and some days it’s a struggle.
I also followed the 3 year teacher program and loved giving yoga classes as well. This was before my Macbook took over and full dedication for the development and growth of Designer-Vintage was my focus. Let’s call that a different kind of yoga period.

sun salutation ganga hoogendoorn

Transformative Yoga
There are different types of yoga and transformative yoga is a form best compared to ashtanga yoga. It is irrelevant how deep you perform the posture (asana) as long as you follow your breathing, connect with yourself and stay in the present. Yoga not only stimulates stretching the body, but it also stretches the mind. It helps liberating old ways of thinking based on fear en opens the mind for love.

sun salutation yoga

On a regular basis I will inform you on Chapter Fifty about the 7 chakras and will highlight my favorite poses from the book Transformatieve Yoga (Dutch only for now, English translation will follow) by Ganga Hoogendoorn which has just been published. No need anymore for my notes and scribbles from teaching class, it’s all documented now.
Illustrated with beautiful photos by Anne Dokter, also a yoga student from Ganga.

sun salutation yoga

Sun salutation
I start my mornings, wherever I am, with the Surya Namaskar. The sun salutation (a salute to the light and your inner wisdom) is a sequence of 12 yoga poses supported by breathing techniques and enhances the flexibility. On the physical level it stimulates and stretches all muscles and activates the blood circulation. On the energetic level it calms the mind and brings a healthy balance. Best performed on an empty stomach.

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