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Big, bigger, biggest: VIP dressing rooms on Rodeo Drive

If you’re craving for personal attention and space when it comes to dressing rooms, go shopping on Rodeo Drive. I just read an interesting article by Christina Binkley in the Wall Street Journal (tnx for the tip, Blendle) about the luxury-apartments-who-serve-as-dressingrooms above high end boutiques in the City of Angels. No more tiny rooms with awful lighting.

Apartment/Dressing room/Salon
This isn’t a new phenomena but we’re talking dressing rooms 2.0 here. The superlative of dressing rooms is another tool in the competitive luxury market to impress their clientele, known among the store’s employees as the “VIC” salon—for Very Important Clients.
Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior and Saint Laurent have these apartments/salons/dressing rooms above their boutiques. More than half a dozen of these salons have appeared on Rodeo Drive recently as stores bolster their arsenals in the battle to impress, and keep shoppers shopping longer.

Red Carpet and electric-car charging station
Red-carpet dressing and the multifloor stores that line Rodeo Drive—offering those rooftop terraces—make VIP salons an ideal accoutrement. Louis Vuitton’s VIC salon is used every day, often more than once, according to the store. Personal attention in the most exclusive way is still the biggest marketing tool keep clients brand-loyal.
Most have a discreet rear entrance. Burberry and Dior offer a few parking spaces off the alley behind Rodeo Drive. Burberry’s alley access includes an electric-car charging station…

No spending requirements
To get into one of these luxury suites, you generally have to be invited by someone from the label. But stores want to put that real estate to work, so it is entirely possible for a promising first-time client to be invited inside. Stores don’t set spending requirements for using the salons. Getting in is a matter of being invited—or knowing to ask. People can use the salons just for a fitting or spend several hours there. Bring on the stolli & bolli, dahling.

read the full article in the Wall Street Journal

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