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Gift to self: Amulette de Cartier onyx necklace

22 May 2015

Perfect talking point while having drinks with friends: do you have to wait for a piece of jewelry as a gift from lover or relative or can we buy it ourselves? I would say yes to the latter.
Not having worn a necklace since childhood (yes, I know, previous century) I instantly fell in love with the Amulette de Cartier last year. The introduction of this new line happened to be around the same time when the take-over of my company took place. This  milestone desperately needed a memento, a gift to self. An amulet.

An amulet protects

An amulet is a small object that has a specific ability to protect, aid in focusing and amplifying a person’s power. Amulets date back to the earliest, pre-historic times. Every religion in human history had their own small decorative objects intended for good luck, protection from harm, success and healing. I like the mystic side of it. For me my amulet is a thankful remembrance of everything it took to build the DV company and how many experiences it brought me. And an extra protection from now on.

Amulette de Cartier

This Cartier piece of jewelry becomes much more if you look closer. In my case it’s a pink gold padlock with a disc, crafted from onyx with pebble-like curves. With a (very small) diamond at its centre. Onyx is a mineral stone to which protective energies are ascribed, it’s virtue is to defend against negativity. We all want that, now don’t we. And, being a pragmatic women, I like black.
This line of jewelry is intended to be your lucky charm, a dream catcher for one’s innermost wishes. Unlock your wish… Earlier this year Cartier introduced new amulet additions as in beautiful rings and earrings. With new natural gemstones – with new virtues for new wishes to be unlocked. A treasured gift to give to others. Or oneself.

photo credits: Eric Degrange © Cartier

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  • Reply Laura Dembowski 1 October 2016 at 20:52

    It looks great on you. I am thinking about buying one and was wondering if that is the xs or small model. Thanks!

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