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Green juice #3: Mellow Yellow raw fruits & veggies

Never too old for another addiction, apart from my love for designer shoes-belts-bags, the Versapers slow juicer is my (health) addiction du jour. Also after fifty, the urge for a must have can be strong. I make a big bottle of fresh green juice for two every morning, for usage during the day. We don’t have to worry about the sufficient intake of fibers anymore √

Which green juice to make
I usually get my inspiration for my green juices at the veggie/fruit department at the organic supermarket or the saturday farmers market. I pick one vegetable which calls my name and start adding around it. Today’s juice started with a ripe mango and rhubarb. This covered the sweet and sour (along with lemon) taste. Ginger for bitter and fennel for that salty touch. I always try to mix these four building blocks of flavour.
To keep it ton-sur-ton I added yellow carrots, yellow tomatoes and some apples for their juice.

Ingredients Mellow Yellow juice

• rhubarb (one stem)

• mango (I juice this one first and eat the pulp 🙂 )

• 3 apples

• fennel

• half a lemon

• small chunk of ginger

• yellow/orange tomatoes

• yellow carrots

• 2 bananas

•resh  mint for the finishing taste touch

As always I added some coconut juice and this time I also added a bag of mixed carrots I found at HEMA department store. Non organic but very easy.
Enjoying making and taking fresh raw veggie and fruits juices is my latest addiction. Far less expensive than designer bags.

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