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Back in balance with Muladhara Chakra, the first energy center

Muladhara first energy center chapter fifty blog

“So Busy!” That’s the answer we often get when asking someone how they are doing. This is (was?) also very true for me. Unless one takes drastic measures, for most of us life is all about combining career, family, friends, sports and more. And be nice ànd look good at the same time. Add some female innate sense of responsibility to this and yes, busy is who and what we are.
But isn’t the right answer to that question ‘good’ or ‘not so good’ followed by details why? Can we snap out of the busy mode?
Whenever I am too busy in my head or diary, it helps me to step back and connect with myself through the first energy center, muladhara chakra. Awareness of your energy centres – chakra’s – through simple meditation and yoga exercises will help to live your busy life in a more grounded, balanced way. Which means less stress, more happiness and better sleep.

Muladhara chakra

Muladhara – or root chakra – is the first of seven energy centers aligned in our body, located at the base of the spine also referred to as perineum. Base is it precisely what it is since in sanskrit muladhara means foundation. A good and solid foundation is not only crucial for buildings but also for us! Muladhara is connected to our sense of stability, security, vitality and confidence.

The color connected to the first chakra is red, the colour of the earth. As in literary grounded. The limps connected to muladhara chakra are your legs, feet and buttocks. All you need to stand firmly on the ground.

Back in balance exercise

How to connect with this center and bring back some balance in yourself? The yoga posture Tadasana – mountain pose – and conscious breathing will help you get there. This is an easy and simple posture which you can do where ever you are. Standing in line waiting for a special coffee-to-go, at the train station or just before you hit the stage for a keynote speech.

• stand with your feet a little apart and make sure you weight is divided equally over both feet and also equally from heel to toe. Wiggle a bit to find your center and balance.

• close your eyes (that’s what I like to do) or concentrate on a reference point in front of you.

• focus on your breathing and take your attention inwards to your feet with an inhale. Slowly exhale and with every next inhale move on to the next body part with your attention. From ankles to lower legs, from knees to upper legs and so on until you reach the top of your head.

• when you reach the lower spinal point with your attention, make yourself longer and stretch up from that point so the energy can easily move upwards through your spinal cord. When you reach your shoulders, take ‘m up and then slowly bring them back and let go of any tension by lowering them.

• when you reach the neck, make it long and take you chin slightly in. Now you stand in the mountain pose, connected to the ground and to yourself. Follow your breathing consciously and stay confortably in this pose for as long as you want. And feel the difference afterwards.

Any thoughts that come up during this exercise, – as in to-do lists and conversations with yourself – try to ignore them and let them go. Every time you’re distracted by thoughts, turn back with your attention to your breathing and to muladhara chakra. I know, letting go is a hard thing to do but this will sure help to make it easier. Namasté!

More info about yoga and chakra's:

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