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Green juice #4: Rhubarb Rules, the lose weight vegetable

Chapter Fifty Rhubarb Green juice

Thinking of rhubarb brings back sweet memories of how my grandmother used to prepare it when I was a child. More sugar than rhubarb. The sweeter, the better was her strong believe. How things have changed since I am more into raw vegetables and try (yes, try) to avoid sugar. Today’s green juice key ingredient is rhubarb. Raw.

Rhubarb benefits

Since ancient china medical use of rhubarb is recorded, with emphasis on the purgative effect. Especially the dried roots have a balancing effect on the digestive system. Marco Polo was quite a fan of rhubarb and we have him to thank for bringing it to Europe some 400 years ago. First widely used the pharmacy way and only from around 1800 used as food for filling pies.
Being one of the lowest caloric vegetables, 100 grams contains 21 calories, feel free to add some to your diet any time! Because of the impact of the benefits on your metabolism, the fat burning rate increases.

Apart from the lose weight effects, other benefits are the high nutritional value since rhubarb is stuffed with minerals, fiber, protein, vitamins (C, K, B complex), calcium and magnesium. Add anti-oxidants, iron and copper to that. How much more can one vegetable handle?

Ingredients Rhubarb Rules juice

• rhubarb (stalks only, some say the leaves are toxic)

• kiwi’s

• 3 pears

• cucumber

• lime

• small chunk of ginger

• brocoli

• fresh mint

• organic coconut water

You know the drill, clean the ingredients, chop everything in smaller sizes and make sure the rhubarb chunks are small for a smoother operation of the Versapers juicer. I use the coarse sieve for more fiber in my juice, I prefer a thicker juice.  The taste has a touch of sweet and sour. But first let’s step on the scale for a before and after Rhubarb Rules juice proof.

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