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Cold showers and revitalizing Weleda keep mature skin firm

Weleda Primrose firming body oil

Keeping my – mature, I’m not in denial – skin firm and moisturized, is part of my daily routine. Anything to delay the skin aging process or – let’s not beat around the bush – prevent it from sagging south. Since attending the ‘Ice Man Workshop’, I’m hooked on cold showers. Goodbye steamy bathrooms is one benefit and a less dehydrated skin another. I’m testing two new Weleda Natural Skin Care products for mature skin, revitalizing body wash and revitalizing body oil, both with organic Evening Primrose as key ingredient.

Weleda revitalizing body wash

My skin has changed over the years and it’s a given that during perimenopause the skin becomes thinner and less elastic. As the estrogen level drops, less collagen and elastin are produced. Taking hormones could reverse this process but I prefer to handle this the natural way, hence the cold morning showers.
This silky, creamy body wash also includes primrose oil and macadamia nut oil for gently cleansing without drying out. My skin feels clean and soft and the fragrance reminds me of walking the countryside fields when I was young.

How to use the Weleda body oil

The rich body oil is best used first thing after the – cold – morning shower.  It helps to lock the moisture into the skin when it is still damp. I start with my legs and up from there. It really soaks quickly and deeply into my skin, I like that. Sometimes body oil can leave a greasy residue with stains on clothes as a results. Not this oil, it leaves a non-greasy feeling. After a few days I can see the difference, my skins looks (and feels) radiant and hydrated.

This Weleda Evening Primrose body oil is 87% organic and also contains other natural plant oils, including olive, wheat germ oil, sea buckthorn and jojoba seed oil, to deliver essential fatty acids and omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 that help restore and moisture skin.The qualities of nature need not to be expensive. These products are definitely value for money, the body wash is € 7,99 and the body oil € 18,99 . Add € 0,10  for the cold shower.
Beauty is indeed – mature, firm and radiant – skin deep.

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  • Reply Charlotte at

    Dank voor de tip Karin, ik ga zeker deze Weleda producten kopen – mijn huid kan ze gebruiken. Nu nog Khiels opmaken.

    • Reply Karin B. at

      Graag gedaan! Leuk, ik gebruik ook veel producten van Kiehl’s. Vooral de micro-dermabrasion scrub is een favoriet.

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