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Stylish new legs, (Ikea) couch make-over with Pretty Pegs

Ikea Karlstad couch with new legs from pretty pegs

Good legs are not only important for women over fifty, they can also make quite a difference for an Ikea couch.
Apart from the perfect big , white paper napkins – which I leave somewhere around check-out if the queues are too long, I more than once went home empty-handed – this padded white leather Ikea Karlstad couch is my guilty interior pleasure. It became the couch du jour in both our homes in Amsterdam and Algarve.
If only the legs weren’t so ugly, this couch really needed a make-over. Pretty Pegs to the rescue!

Pretty Pegs for a new (vintage) look

I like an eclectic interior, love the hunt for unique vintage pieces and like to mix them with new and/or design furniture. The most complicated part is finding the perfect sofa, as it often set the interior tone.
After our latest move, I decided to check out Ikea for a temporary couch whilst being to busy to create time for couch hunting. And then there was the Ikea Karlstad. In white padded leather and with a minimalistic, neutral design. With a comfortable sit ànd lounge part. It almost ticked all the boxes but (as with most Ikea stuff) this piece was just about right for say 80%. The final 20%, in this case the legs, were off. The thick, square wooden legs kind of ruined the design of this padded number, in my opinion.

Shoe your furniture

Enter Pretty Pegs (tnx, Google). It seems I’m not the only one who wishes different legs! This, also Swedish – duh, company creates a large selection of wooden legs in various styles who are compatible with Ikea furniture and fit any piece. It’s like shoe shopping for couches. I choose the simple, black wooden Carl legs. Scroll down for before-and-after pics.

It’s pretty easy to alter the look of any piece and make it more stylish. Just take the old ones off and screw the new legs on. If only we could do that.

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  • Reply Chloe at

    Hi Karin! Thanks for sharing this excellent find 🙂 Did you find the legs to be wobbly or unsturdy while sitting at all? I know the original Karlstad legs have the screw and a wooden dowel for extra reinforcement.

    • Reply Karin B. (52) at

      Hi Chloe,
      Tnx for your message,I find them very stable. They have the same screw as the Karlstad, I do not think they have the wooden dowel as well. Been sitting on the couch with a lot of people ever since. No complaints 😉

      • Reply Chloe at

        Really appreciate the input, Karin!

  • Reply Clare at

    hi there – where did you get the bolster cushions from? They are very stylish.

    • Reply Karin B. at

      Hi Clare, tnx! I bought them at a small store in Amsterdam but they don’t have them anymore.
      If you google ‘Ikat Cushions’ or ‘Ikat pillow covers’ you might find them!
      Have a nice day, grtz Karin

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