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Creativity rules in the second center, Svadhisthana chakra.

Svadhisthana chakra

No life without energy, so let’s talk chakras again. In my previous chakra post, we explored the first chakra – root chakra muladhara.
Today revolves around the second chakra – the sacral Svadhisthana chakra and feeling good. Situated just above this first chakra’s base energy point, in the lower belly. The seven main chakras, aligned in your spine, are wheels of energy who connect vital energy throughout the body. This invisible energy is called Prana which keeps us vibrant, healthy and alive. A vital life force, indeed.

Svadhisthana Chakra

The energetic connection between our psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being is the foundation for holistic balance where body, mind, soul and spirit can connect. This flow make us feel at ease with ourselves. And with others. Opening up is good.

Svadhisthana chakra means one’s own abode in Sanskrit. It is a powerful energy center, the place where we receive and give, reproduce and where we connect to others.
It is responsible for our creative expression, sexual energy, feelings, emotions and therefore self-acceptance. Awareness of this center helps to know, understand and change our default behaviour. When this sacral chakra is opening it will be our source for creativity, relationships, pleasure and desire. Bring out the sketchbooks!

The natural element that belongs to Svadhistana is water. Water flows, guides and is flexible. Make sure you drink enough water  and enjoy your swim, bath and/or a shower.  The colour connected to Svadhisthana chakra is orange and the organs are bladder, kidneys and the sexual organs. All located in the lower back area. Physical complaints in this area – like lower back pain – could indicate a blockage in Svadhisthana chakra.

Yoga posture to open Svadhistana

One of my favorite yoga postures connected to the second chakra is Virabhadrasana II, the Hero Pose.

• start in Tadasana with both feet firmly on the ground and become aware of your breathing. Follow your body from toes to head, one breath at the time. Slowly inhale and exhale all the way to the first energy center, Muladhara.

• stand in spread position, put your hands on your lower belly and breathe slowly in and out towards this location.

• open your left foot and bring your right foot slightly inwards. Built this posture step by step, be aware of every movement you make before you move on to the next one.

• bend your left knee to a maximum of 90 º and extend your arms sideways and keep them on shoulder level (stretched but without tension). Turn your head and gaze in a distant point over your left shoulder in line with your left hand. Or take your arms up.

Spend several breathings, as long as feels comfortable, in this positions and let go of any negative thoughts about yourself. You are strong, creative and beautiful. Like a hero.
Slowly come back, step by step the reverse way and feel after this pose in Tadasana before you start over again with the right side.

Opening this Svadhisthana chakra learns us to let go of control and brings vitality, connection and creative balance into our lives. Time to release your inner Picasso, feel good and keep moving.

First chakra - Muladhara


more on chakras and yoga by Ganga Hoogendoorn:

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