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It’s about time: the (temporary) Dutch fashion museum.

24 September 2015
Tijdelijk Modemuseum Rotterdam Het Nieuwe Instituut

For a fashion history fix it was either Antwerp’s Mode Museum or straight to Paris or London. Until now.
For a period of eight months Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam transforms itself into a Temporary Fashion Museum. Although many Dutch museums include a fashion department within their collections, we’re lacking a National Fashion Museum. Shame on us.
From the unique haute couture collection of Eva Maria Hatschek to a critical analysis of today’s fashion industry, Het Nieuwe Instituut explores the possibilites of a fashion museum in an extensive programme of exhibitions and events.

Fashion Icons of all times

The hall of honour is dedicated to the most daily products of fashion: the white shirt, the high heel, the color black and the red lipstick.
The timeless quality of this three products and this color – black  will always be the new black – seems to transcend the whiffs of fashion, season after season. Although these products go against the idea of fashion as constantly changing their everyday quality provides them with new interpretations continuously. Works for me.

Eva Maria Hatscheck’s Stunning Haute Couture

The enormous wonderful open space shows more than 600 pieces (!) from the personal wardrobe of Eva Maria Hatschek (1924-2010). As the wife of a leading Swiss industrialist, she was in the privileged position to wear haute couture every day.
Every item she wore either came directly from a great couture house or was handmade by a seamstress to patterns purchased at the great fashion houses, a common practice at the time. With stunning designs by Chanel, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent, these  overwhelmingly beautiful and unique pieces are fascinating. If I close my eyes I imagine Eva wearing them. Every day, oh my.

Next to the personal wardrobe there is a unique vintage store with unrivalled pieces from (Dutch) fashion history assembled by Ferry van der Nat.

Thursday Night at Het Nieuwe Instituut

During the Temporary Fashion Museum Thursday Night, the lecture programme is partly devoted to fashion. On September, 24 the The True Cost will premier, an impressive documentary that reveals the true story behind our the clothes we wear.
On October, 1st the evening looks at fashion photography and on October, 8 the discussion will focus on a proposal for an open canon of Dutch fashion on view in the Temporary Fashion Museum.
Our Fashion fingers are crossed for a permanent Dutch Fashion Museum.

Tijdelijke Modemuseum in Het Nieuwe Instituut
from Sep, 13 - May, 8



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