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Suspending Light, East meets West at Rademakers Gallery.

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This weekend on display at  Rademakers Gallery in Amsterdam: Suspending Light. Sorry for not posting this earlier, but just found out this week. If you happen to be in Amsterdam, it’s a perfect Sunday visit!
Suspending Light is the art of freezing light at a point of time. Both British photographer George H. Lewis and Dutch photographer Annelies Damen share this skill. They both seek to stop light and reveal the truth in that very moment.
Light being the fastest travelling thing on earth, suspending it in time shows a particular perspective.

Annelies Damen

Can’t get enough of Inner Call stories, here’s another one:
After her studies, Annelies Damen started a promising business career. But what really fascinated her were the African women she met on her one year travel through Africa. Proud, magical and independent as well as sensual women. Taking photos of these women became her focus on the trip.
When she returned, she decided to change her career and start a study at the Academy of Photography in Amsterdam. And now she is in the permanent collection of Rademakers Gallery. There you have it.

“From my first long journey in Africa onwards women became the central theme in my photography.” – Annelies Damen

Damen creates a sort of unique interaction between women and their surrounding landscape. The female form in natural settings. Most of her work shown during this exposition, is of women living on Ibiza.

George H. Lewis

The work of British mixed media artist and photographer George H. Lewis impresses the viewer. He also travelled across the globe, including long stays the Middle East. He has a distinctive urge to unveil natural beauty, tackle gender equality issues, and expose society’s marginalized matters.
Lewis sees himself as an observer, not a judge. In his travels he observed and documented the inner emancipation of both men and women within the constructs of sexuality and the traditions of gender. If you take a closer look at his work, you’ll see more than what’s meets the eye.

“I seek to cultivate a symbiosis across cultures, creeds, and gender. I am a believer in the power of empathy.” – George H. Lewis

I was guided by H.H Princess Nauf Albendar Al Saud – founder of Lahd Gallery in London, who represents Lewis – who personally explained the story behind every photo. The image that stayed with me most, is the image of an Arabian man in a long white abaya and headscarf hugging himself. When you take a closer look, it appears to be two men hugging each other. The story behind this picture, she explained, is that this gay couple can’t show their faces. Stop the time and show some light on love.

Rademakers Gallery
Lahd Gallery

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