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Taiko Restaurant celebrates anniversary with Hida Gyu

Hida Gyu Beef on charcoal grill in Taiko Restaurant

It’s no secret that Taiko Restaurant in Amsterdam is one of my favorite places to celebrate life. This year mr. B.’s 65th birthday qualified as did our 10 year wedding anniversary. And my birthday is still to come. Ha!
Last week chef  Schilo van Coevorden not only celebrated his first year of Taiko restaurant with a dinner party but also took the opportunity to kick-off his new menu.
With Hida Gyu beef playing the leading part. And what a play it was. Roederer champagne, a 12-course tasting menu and a sake sommelier.  Mouthwatering, even if you’re not really into meat. Like moi.

Hida Gyu beef, with love from Japan

New on the menu of Taiko is Hida Gyu. This exclusive Japenese beef is of the highest quality possible in marbling, luster, color, texture and smell. Think Wagyu plus.
Gyu stands for beef and originates from a blackhaired cow of the Japanese prefecture Gifu. The beef is famous for it’s high marbled structure and delicious taste.
Taiko Restaurant in the Conservatorium Hotel serves Hida Gyu exclusively in the Netherlands, in collaboration with importer and butchery Nice to Meat. I never experienced that meat could melt-in-the-mouth, but now I know it does.
The quality of Hida Gyu is indicated with a certification by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference. A5 in this case, the best.

What’s on Taiko Restaurant’s new menu?

After the blessing (and sake) ceremony of the new menu, one delicious dish after another graced our table. As in watermelon sashimi with shiso, Bao Pa Beef, Matsutake Mushroom salad,  Beef stock with tamago and Sukiyaki Shabu Shabu. And so on. I cannot find the adequate words to describe the intense flavours.
Piece de Resistance is without a doubt the Hida Gyu Beef. Presented on a small Delft’s blue ceramic grill filled with hot charcoal. A feast for the senses and served with organic brown rice and Aubergine with Hazelnut miso.
I usually prefer (raw) fish and vegetables but from now on the Hida Gyu meat addition is a fact.
Along with the dishes came an exclusive wine and sake tasting menu. These perfect pairings were introduced by the Sake Sommelier at our table.
You might understand why you need to reserve way in advance before you can indulge yourself in Japanese finest haute cuisine. But first make up an occasion to celebrate life.

Taiko Restaurant | Conservatorium Hotel
Pictures by Iris Ooms, Kim van der Knaap and myself

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