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From no. 5 to 4, my new fragrances du moment.

My 4 new fragrances, Serge Lutens, Chloé, Molecule01 and Signature Lola.

Fifty is a perfect age to make a change and anticipate the new, I’ve said it before. I’m not talking mindset only, also on a fragrance level. After 25 years (!) of wearing Chanel no. 5 eau de parfum, the time has come to make a scent change as well. It just hit me one morning last year, enough is enough. Number Five lost her luster for me.
But then what? I’ve never had an interest in any other fragrances, so I’m starting from scratch. This smells like fun.

4 new fragrances for different moods

My queste for finding a new fragrance favourite quickly became a plural. Fragrances. Why stick to one again?
My only restriction is that I can’t wear too heavy scents – I think I’m too blond for that. It gives me a headache and problably everybody around me as well. Don’t we all know people where their presence is pre-announced by their heavy fragrance.  Agh. Subtile is what I am looking for.

The other thing is, I am not really interested in fragrances by designer brands. I know, how about Coco Chanel? But hey, she was one of the first almost a 100 years ago. That doesn’t count.
So I went looking for niche brands in special places. To Mignonne Collecteur de Parfum in Maastricht  and Skins Cosmetics in Amsterdam. Both stores gave me a really good advice and have a sample service. Quite necessary since there is so much choice! A perfect way to see how a fragrance develops on your skin.
Found my new fragrances, each matching season, occasion or my mood. The lovely sense of smell, my personal little nose job.

1. Serge Lutens – Nuit de Cellophane
2. Signature Fragrances – Lola
3. Escentric – Molecule 01
4. Chloé – Signature


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