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Sensai, the smoothest (lip) pencils in the box

Sensai Silky Design Rouge

First I thought Sensai added a box of – very chic – crayons  to their new-products-2016-press-box. To encourage me to start colouring, one of the latest zen hypes for grownups. Lucky me, the new Sensai Silky Design Rouge lip pencils are far more than that.

Sensai Silky Design Rouge, a smooth operator

My lipbalms are wandering around my desk. Unemployed.
Before I tested these new Sensai pencils I used to carry a lipstick ànd a lipbalm (Coola spf30). That’s all the make-up you’ll find in my purse, by the way.
Now it’s just this one lipstick pencil, due to the smooth balm formula. With aging not only my skin needs more hydration, also my lips start to chap much quicker.
The moisturising properties in this new lip formula, sunflower oil and koishimaru silk extract, prevent this. The exclusive silk once was a privilege for the Japanese royal family only.
Silky Design Rouge is a perfect daytime addition to my lip-skincare-routin since I am a fan of the Sensai Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment for a long time. I use a tiny dash of this anti-aging lip treatment the morning and in the evening on and around my lips.

Six shades of Japanese red

Red lips, you like it or you hate it. I am a long time believer. There were times I didn’t put the garbage out before putting on my red lips.
In Japan, red is one of the oldest colours and a symbol for trust, vitality and life. The traditional shades of red also represent the four seasons. When Japanese children draw the sun, they draw a large red circle.
The red shades of this new line include Soubi (roses red), Ebicha (dark grapy red), Hiiro (crimson red), Koubainioi (cherry red), Beniukon (spicy red) and Nisemomoiro (soft peach red). The shades tend more to burgundy and brown tones than to orangy reds.

There’s a shade of red for every woman and any occasion. Easy to apply – I first draw the contours and then fill out the rest. They hold their colour and stay smooth for hours. For now my two favorites are Soubi and Beniukon. Sounds royal to me.

Sensai Silky Design Rouge € 37 - available from April, 2016

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