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Four extra weeks ‘David Bowie Is’ expo in Groningen

David Bowie Is Groninger Museum

New end date! You still have until Sunday April, 10 to step back in time and visit the V&A David Bowie Is exposition at the Groninger Museum. This unique international retrospective demonstrates  his extraordinary career.

A David Bowie memory, who hasn’t?

Born in the sixties inevitably comes with a David Bowie memory. Even if you hated his guts, you still remember thàt. I had a crush on him. The only blond guy I ever had a crush on, come to think of it.
His performances, songs and changing appearances opened my – teenage – eyes and made me realise that anything is possible. As in follow your own path, make your own choices, push some boundaries and wear what you like.

“My David Bowie moment? In 1983 – still a student – I was só proud of my  Serious Moonlight Tour ticket, it was up on my wall next to the album cover for months. When the concert day had finally come, I was halfway by train to Rotterdam when I realised my ticket was still on the wall at home… I had to go back again, collect the entrance ticket and was left with no money for another train ticket. After I explained the situation to the train conductor, he let me in for free. It was the best concert ever. Sweet memories, indeed”.    Anita Willemars | contributing editor

‘David Bowie is’, a look back (not in anger)

This exposition is an experience. Once inside with the headset on you are living in your own little world. Or let me rephrase, Davids’ world.
No picture-taking allowed, so offline you go and follow the path through his life. Walking around while hearing his songs, hear him tell stories and others tell stories about him is impressive. Listening to these songs of the past also brings back personal memories.

The V&A in London – that’s where this overwhelming expo started in 2013 – was given unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archives to curate the first international retrospective his extraordinary career. David Bowie is shows over 300 objects including handwritten lyrics, original costumes (small!), photography, set designs, album artwork and rare performance material. I heard a story that they tried to fit Kate Moss in one of his costumes, without any luck. They were too small for her …

I would suggest to buy a ticket online and choose your one-hour-slot. The first part is all about his legacy, the second part represents a concert hall with performances and outfits. My friend Tamara and I stayed here for a long, long time. I am so glad I we went, I wouldn’t have missed it for (the man who sold) the world.

David Bowie Is - until April, 10 Groninger Museum


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