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Health and Luxury with Deblon Sports at Akasha Spa

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When sports meets luxury, you have my attention. So I was happy to confirm the stylish invitation of Deblon sports to join an exclusive and sporty experience on a luxury location, Akasha Spa at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. A pampering morning it was last Friday, although my muscles might argue with this.

Deblon Sports, luxury sportswear

Inspired by the vibrant life of Rio do Janeiro, intl. business graduate Céline Brinkgreve (fluent in Portuguese, oh if ever…) lived and worked as a model in Brasil for five years.
Intrigued by the body flattering high-quality outfits worn by Brazilian women while working out – who all commit to a sportive lifestyle, hence the famous bodies – the first seeds  to develop a luxury sportswear line for the European market were planted. Together with long-time friend Marjolein Buss they founded Deblon Sports in 2013.

“I noticed Brazilian women feel proud and beautiful doing sports. Wearing high-quality and body flattering sportswear is their secret tool” __ Celine Brinkgreve | Founder

Designed in Holland and hand-made with care by skilled seamstresses in Brazil. The high quality Brazilian fabric Supplex (92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane) holds it shape, is breathable and makes this luxury sportswear stand out. No big logos or horrid colors but understated chic in base tones. The way we like it. Add body shaping to that and we have come full circle.
Evidently the Rio Olympics are the inspiration for the stylish Spring Summer 2016 collection.

Work out and more in Akasha Spa

After a healthy breakfast, think fresh green juices, exclusive herbal teas and Brazilian tapioca (cassava roots) spread with raspberries, it was work out time. A Deblon Sports goodie bag with a personal outfit from the new Rio Olympics collection was awaited us. We had lots of fun fitting our new outfits in the stylish Akasha locker room. So far the easy part.
The proof op the pudding is in the eating. Olivia Cooney from Pop-up Fitness was ready to make those new outfits work. Uh, I know now by experience that being skilled in yoga isn’t the same as planks, crunches and push-ups. The reward encouraged me to continue though: a shoulder neck massage by a skilled therapist in one of the Akasha Spa‘s luxury treatment rooms. The smell of the essential oils alone was enough to make me doze off.

Just wearing the stylish Deblon outfit made me believe I could do all the planks, crunches and push-ups. Like those fit girls on Instagram. Well, it’s been 5 days since and I still ache muscle pain. Everywhere. I’ll stick to yoga in my new Rio Olympics outfit. Namasté!

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