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#onepieceamonth investment no. 2: ERES bikini

Eres Bikini

Welcome to my wardrobe, Eres bikini! When I started my #onepiecamonth challenge, I stated it involved clothes, shoes and bags only. No basics/sportswear/swimwear or the likes.
I have to rephrase this because when Eres Swimwear is involved we’re talking Bikinis (and Bathingsuits) with a capital B. And since the price of this pair equals that of a cashmere sweater it definitely qualifies for this challenge. A quality over quantity investment, I would say.

Eres Vedette Graham Swift

My first Eres

I’ve known this very French brand for years – we’re almost the same age, Eres was founded in 1968 – but always thought it would only fit those tiny Parisienne figures. Until I met the owner of the Eres Boutique in Amsterdam, Sheila Polsbroek. She convinced me that my assumptions were wrong and invited me to come over and try for myself. So I did. Well, let’s be honest: fitting swimwear isn’t anywhere near a fun time. Confronting, to put it mildly.
How different my experience at Eres was compared to previous swimwear quests: a spacious and luxurious fitting room, forgiving light, large mirror and – most important – professional assistance. I never left the fitting rooms half-naked with my handbag clutched under my arm to search for a different size. Sheila fetched me different models and sizes tirelessly until we found The One. The Aquarelle bathing suit in cool blue. The fabric is unique – and secret. It is a mix of polyamid and spandex, a very dense weave but yet flexible. It sculps and supports the body. Those who aren’t tiny French but a medium Dutch like moi.
The model I bought is classic but fits like a glove and I felt confident wearing it during our road trip through South-Africa. The maiden voyage of my fist Eres Bathing Suit. Perfect at the poolside or under a tunic during lunch. Or working in our vegetable garden…

Eres Aquarelle Bathing suit

After this first experience I had an appetite for more. What’s a bathingsuit without a bikini? So now less is more also applies for my swimwear collection. No more fast fashion throw-away-bikinis-of-low-quality but classic pieces that last. Form and function combined the luxury way.

You might understand that I skip my (bikini) outfit photo and safe it for next months #onepieceamonth item. Better for everyone.

Tanja Minnee illustration One piece a month challenge

the true cost
illustration by Tanja Minnee

Eres Swimwear

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  • Reply Sheila Polsbroek at

    It was my pleasure assisting you to find your own perfect Eres. Eres swimwear creates a harmony between the body and the bathing suit, so that each swimsuit suits the woman wearing it. If you don’t want to buy a new swimsuit every season or holiday trip then Eres is the perfect investment buy as it’s truly one of a kind, excellent in quality, timeless, comfortable and so very chic. Eres devotees seasonally grab their suits from the closet to discover the same vibrant color, amazing fabric and body-trimming fit they purchased years ago. Though re-imagined and recolored each season, the Eres look and design never goes out of style. So this makes it the perfect swimwear investment buy!

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  • Reply Annelies Reugebrink at

    I love ERES, slithly new kid on the block PAIN DE SUCRE is also worth a try,
    especially if you like sculpting bathing suites….
    also curiously I bought Mothering Sunday last night! Can´t wait to share your thoughts after reading it.

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