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Invite: Private Sale by Designer Vintage in Amsterdam

Hermes Kelly 32 box Designer Vintage

Designer Vintage. When I close my eyes it feels as if it was only yesterday that I started this online luxury marketplace for authentic designer pieces. Actually it was in 2005 that I wrote the initial business plan. How time flies.
A simple story: I wanted to sell my Gucci bag but couldn’t find a proper luxury online platform for authentic 2nd hand designer pieces. Give unworn designer pieces a second life – and from the proceeds I already visualized another pre-owned-with-love designer piece in my closet. So I created my own international platform.

Designer Vintage, eco chic recycling

In 2007 was a fact. Seven years later when an international publisher showed interest, I was ready to let her go, move on and start something new. Yes, this blog!
However, I never stopped supporting eco-chic recycling. It’s part of me. High quality designer pieces last a lifetime. Or two. At the risk of repeating myself, I rather invest in a classic piece that keeps it’s value and can easily be resold than wear fast fashion clothes.
To practice what I preach, I also keep on selling items I don’t longer wear. For all kinds of reasons. My style changes, my circumstances change and different life phases – aka growing older – require different outfits. No fancy evening dresses necessary in the Portuguese countryside. And the best part of selling remains: buy another – #onepieceamonth! – piece from the proceeds.

You’ll find my pre-owned-with-love items for sale at my Chapter Fifty Boutique.

Private Sale Designer Vintage 23 april

What do you get when online goes offline? A chic ballroom in Amsterdams Amstel Hotel filled with a range of designer pieces! From Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags to Céline shoes and DVF dresses. A Sustainable Fashion Heaven filled with pre-owned-with-love designer pieces.

You’re invited to this exclusive Designer Vintage Sale coming Saturday, April 23. Fitting rooms are available to make sure that your new purchase is a perfect fit. Payment is possible by both debit- or creditcard.

Private Sale win chanel bag Designer Vintage


Show your finds at the end of the day during cocktail hour from 16.00 – 17.00. But not only that, make sure to have your picture taken with a vintage Chanel bag on display. Share this photo with #WinThisChanelBag on social media and who knows it might be you who leaves the chic premises with extra armcandy…

To confirm your attendance, please rsvp here with your name(s).

 Designer-Vintage Sale
 Amstel Hotel - Professor Tulpplein 1 - 1018 GX Amsterdam
 23 april 11:00 - 17:00

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