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Spring nails! New OPI Soft Shades pastels.

OPI Nail lacquer soft shades pastels

Spring ’16 asks for pastels. Clothes wise and certainly nail wise. It’s time to embrace new seasons soft tones and leave those Rouge Noir fingertips behind along with dark winter days.
My fav color out of 6 new OPI Soft Shades Pastels is Stop it, I’m Blushing!
These Soft Shades of Pastels who also remind me of the candy collar I used to wear wrapped around my wrist as a kid. Nibbling it down, one by one. Color by color.  Amai, might be some 45 years ago…

What’s in Who’s behind a (OPI) name?

During the launch of these new colour last month in Amsterdam, we enjoyed the company of OPI creative director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. All the way from LA.
She’s not only the all-round creative force behind OPI’s legendary nail lacquers who creates new shades time and time again. She’s also the one responsible for the iconic names. Which we like as much as the colors.  How does she do it?

Fashion is a major factor when it comes to creating new lacquers; I take a close look at runway trends, prominent color palettes, and textures. In cities around the world, I draw inspiration from people on the streets, food, music and more.
Then There is a group of six people, including myself, who go behind closed doors for six to eight hours to brainstorm and decide upon new names for the lacquers.
For destination-based collections, the group will play upon unique, interesting or noteworthy elements from the country in question. Often there are names we love but can’t use, for many different reasons… __ Suzi Weiss-Fischmann.

Applying OPI pastels, patience is a virtue

These Soft Pastel Shades need patience and accuracy while applying. No quicky polish here. I used to be good at applying nail polish while driving, one nail per traffic light. As in never arrive without manicured hands at a meeting. But that’s a different story.
Actually,  I am applying Stop it, I’m Blushing! while I’m writing this post. This way I’m less impatient while waiting and typing doesn’t effect the drying process.
I use 4 coatings. First and last my all-time favourite 3-in-1 OPI START to FINISH Formaldehyde-free coating. Base coat, top coat and strengthener in one bottle. In between, two coatings of this peachy soft pink number. Which is surprisingly creamy as opposed to chalky formulas most of these opaque colors have.

With me they last almost a week. In the city that is. When working in my vegetable garden in Portugal, it’s a different story. But hey, always in style!

Also available in GelColor and miniset of 4.
Available from April, 11

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