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My five favourite fine blonde hair products

18 May 2016
fine blonde hair products Aveda Oolaboo Wow

Fine blonde hair. That’s me. By now illusions of Big & Fabulous hair have disappeared, I’ve come to terms with it. A practical joke among my friends, whom for some reason are all blessed with thick, sumptuous hair (hello, Freud): no talking about thinning techniques when I’m around.
Being over fifty gave me enough time to experiment what works for my hair and what doesn’t.
Extensions – been there, done that, got the t-shirt – did not. Colouring however does. I like the dense and fuller feeling after bleaching. Although, to be honest, I wouldn’t know how my hair feels without bleach, I’ve been colouring since the age of 16. Since a few months I landed – via a long way of home products and dozens renowned hair stylists – in blond colour heaven: Lynn from Mogeen in Amsterdam knows her profession.
Last but not certainly not least, hair care products. If it states volume or anti-yellow chances are big they’re in my bathroom cabinet. Let’s explore my top five, how to handle fine blonde hair.

Fine Blond Hair Oolaboo Truffle platinum shampoo

Oolaboo Blushy Truffle platinum hair bath

I have a range of shampoos from violet to the darkest blue, but none of them are as good as my latest find by – Dutch – luxury hair care brand Oolaboo. They’ve recently introduced Blushy Truffle Brilliant Platinum Hair Bath. The name alone was enough to seduce me.
The texture feels a bit muddy, this sulfate and paraben free nourishing shampoo. Darkblue-ish due to violet and blue colour pigments. It really neutralizes my – very unwanted – yellow/gold tones and brightens my highlights. Lynn’s highlights. It has natural UV filters to prevent the loss of colour due to sun exposure.
Tip: when it’s almost time for my new colouring appointment and my hair shows more yellow/gold tones, I massage the shampoo onto my hair and cover it for 15 minutes with a disposable hotel shower cap before rinsing it out. Thoroughly. Works for me.

250 ml pump – 40,50 euro

Fine blond hair Oolaboo Bouncy Bamboo conditioner

Oolaboo Bouncy Bamboo conditioner

I am (mentally) allergic for conditioner. Because. Your. Hair. Gets. Limp.
Still reluctant but slowly embracing this type of product since using the Bouncy Bamboo Powerful Repairing Reconstructor. It does not make my hair feel limp and the complements of my hair stylist about the improved condition of my hair, also helps. I try to shampoo twice a week and use a tiny bit of this conditioner. Only on the points. And rinse it within the minute.
This conditioner with ingredients as Quinoa Protein Complex, bamboo, ceramides and collegan, is developed for (chemically) damaged hair. With the amount I use per week this 250 ml. bottle will last a lifetime.

250 ml pump – 42,00

Fine Blond hair Aveda thickening tonic

Aveda Thickening Tonic

I rinse my hair every morning while in the cold shower – a Wim Hof legacy – and wash it twice a week. On damp hair I start with Aveda Thickening Tonic, a botanical spray with organic amla (gooseberry) fruit. First I spray a little in my hands first and use my fingers to divide it over my hair. This is Styling part one.

100 ml spray – 19,50 euro

Fine blonde hair Color Wow brassed banned mousse

Color Wow Brass banned mousse

Styling part two involves mousse. To be precisely Color Wow Brass Banned correct & perfect mousse for blonde hair lavender-tinted to camouflage brassy tones non alcohol formula. You’ll understand why I purchased this one. Nomen est omen.
Again I first put some mousse on my hands and divide it before I work it through my hair with my fingertips. That way I can control the amount I use. Because if I use too much, I can start all over again.

200 ml – 16,50 pounds (I order this one from the UK)

Fine Blonde Hair Aveda Shampure dry shampoo

Aveda Shampure dry shampoo

The finishing touch is dry shampoo, another guilty pleasure. I have so many different brands I might as well join a Dry Shampoo Anonymous meeting. Why? Because dry shampoo strengthens and supports my hair. And the white powder is anti-yellow at the same time. Right now Aveda Shampure is favourite. Because of its powdery texture, non-aerosol powder mist and oh my, the aroma. It has organic spa written all over it.

2 fl oz. – 29,50 euro

These five products really work for me. Today. If some new hair care products will be launched tomorrow with flashy names stating volume and/or anti-yellow, you know what happens.

Fine Blonde Hair products Aveda Color WOw Oolaboo

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