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Unique Jimmy Nelson photos at Rademakers Gallery

Jimmy Nelson Gallery Rademakers

British-Dutch photographer Jimmy Nelson is known for his ‘Before they pass away‘ work. His global journey resulted in numerous powerful photos of human communities whose ways of life are facing extinction. He connects with people, wants to know who is who and what their world is about. Together they built the perfect shot.
From May, 13 – June, 19 unseen work from his journeys and new photos will be exhibited exclusively at Gallery Rademakers in Amsterdam.

Jimmy Nelson Menaja Koke Ponowi Village, Jalibu Mountains, Western Highlands Papua New Guinea

Jimmy Nelson’s VIP’s

Nelson (1967, one more year to join the club) celebrates what is today but will certainly be different tomorrow. He’s behind the camera for more than 30 years. Together with is wife Ashkaine Hora Adema he travelled about three years through China. Which resulted in the coffee table book ‘Literary Portraits of China‘ in 1994.
In 2010 his ‘Before They Pass Away’ journeys started. The book – over 120.000 copies sold – is one of my favorites, each time when I open it and browse through the pages, I discover something new. A detail attracts my attention. I’m fascinated by the proud and powerful people shown, the surroundings, their jewellery, clothing and hairstyles.
You can see and feel that Jimmy is taken in by the local communities, that he joined their rituals and traditions. He spends about two weeks in each unique tribe. His photos not only show us how the world looks today in all it’s dimensions, as a point in time, but shows the people in the photos how enormously important their unique culture is.

 Art Jimmy Nelson Omo Valley Ethiopia

Solo Exhibition Jimmy Nelson at Gallery Rademakers

Take a detour, cross the bridge an visit the KNSM-island in the eastern docklands of Amsterdam. I like that (windy) area, the mixture between old buildings and new architecture. The Gallery is located next to Sissy Boy interior store on the KNSM laan. Until June 19 the entire (loft style) gallery is filled with the overwhelming work of Jimmy Nelson.

Some prints are 1/1 and priced accordingly. For instance, the mesmerizing capture of young buddhist monks from Tibet is almost 50K. But don’t let this number scare you, most photos are also available in 70 x 100 and prices start at 4.250 €. For now that is, since I noticed many red dots next to the frames.

Jimmy Nelson Gallery Rademakers Amsterdam

Jimmy Nelson Portraits Before they pass away



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