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Give shoes with Toms’ One Day #withoutshoes 2016

Toms One day #withoutshoes

Go barefoot and support a child with a pair of new shoes. Californian do-good shoe brand Toms launches her One Day Without Shoes campaign for the 9th time in a row. Participating is easy: post a bare feet photo on Instagram and tag it with #withoutshoes. Starting today up and until May, 10th.
For every photo posted (with a max. of 100.000) Toms donates a new pair of shoes.

Toms #withoutshoes, how to take part

Improving the lives of 100.000 kids in 10 countries is what drives Toms. Each year they spend one day to raise awareness for children’s health and education. The companies dream is that one day, all kids will have shoes. As in dream big, set your goals and go.
We take so many things for granted on an everyday basis. Millions of people in the world are forced to live without simple and basic things we never ever had to do without. This also includes shoes. So take them off, show your feet and help:

TOMS #withoutshoes campaign

Chapter Fifty Fashion TOMS #withoutshoes campaign step 2 Chapter Fifty Fashion TOMS #withoutshoes campaign step3

How the Toms #withoutshoes originated

One Day Without Shoes started when Blake Mycoskie, Toms founder, visited Argentina back in 2006 and saw that many of the children were running around barefooted. Imagine how many sharp little stones or pieces of glass would likely get stuck in their feet? How were they going to kick a ball without hurting their toes? Let alone the high risk of becoming infected. Yes, life without a simple thing as shoes is much less comfortable and certainly much more dangerous. Still around 300 million people in the world today are so poor they cannot afford shoes.
Mycoskie then came up with the One for One business model: for every pair of shoes his company sold, it would give a new pair of shoes to the shoeless youth of Argentina and other developing countries. The first 10,000 pairs of free shoes were distributed to Argentinian children in October 2006. The rest is shoe history.

I think it’s a classic winwin. Children in shoe need get a pair of new shoes and Toms gets a huge exposure. Marketing wise its a vicious shoe circle that will improve all. So take of your shoes, go barefoot, take a pic, post it, tag #withoutshoes and you’ve done your share. Put your best foot forward.

One day Without Shoes
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