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Life & Style after Fifty Portrait: Tamara Hoetasoit

12 June 2016
Tamara Hoetasoit

Loyalty is her middle name, Tamara Hoetasoit is about to celebrate her 30th (!) work jubilee as shift leader at KLM Ground Services at Schiphol Airport. She shares her life & style in Portraits no. 11.  Tamara (born in 1964) grew up in Amsterdam and is mother of three boys, aged 26, 22 and 15. With the  youngest two still living at home and Bracco Italiano dog Elmo. And stark white cat Sjonnie.
After a difficult period before and after the death of her husband in 2014, she recently found love in the air again when an old friend from the past – after 35 years – re-appeared. Much to her surprise.
If it wasn’t for a back hernia she’d run 5 km every other day with her beloved dog alternated with yoga. Bikram, Yin yoga or power yoga, depending on her mood.
Since her back forces her to rest she picked up the thread (no pun intended) of her old hobby: needlework and handicrafts.
Tamara is a survivor, she pulls through, learns from life’s ups and downs and moves on. “Flexibility makes you stronger”.

Tamara Hoetasoit with 3 sons

How do you feel about being over fifty?
This may sound contradictory since suffering from a hernia, it feels as if my back is more straight after fifty. I definitely had my life learnings but looking back I know that I have the strength to pull through and move on, together with my loved ones. Whatever happens. I know who I am, where I stand for and I’ve learned to share what I can or cannot accept.
Sometimes it scares me that second half of my life has started. Especially now that love has come around the corner again. Suddenly there are plans to make and new expectations of the future. Would be nice if  life maintains quality for a very, very long time.

Portrait Tamara Hoetasoit

Which age is your favourite time? Would you like to go back?
No turning back for me. I like being over fifty, very curious what lays ahead. Bring on the future. Now.

What would your ideal day look like? No restrictions.
For me the most important feature of my ideal day is the start. I like to start really, really slow, preferable early in the morning, and outside. Love fresh air. If it’s cold I’ll turn on the heater or crawl under a (self knitted ) blanket. A cup of coffee and Elmo and Sjonnie close at hand.
Next stop will be Spa Sereen in Maarssen. Mobile phone on flight modus and indulge the spa flow. I enjoy tranquility so much. Read, eat, sleep, sauna and of course a relaxing massage treatment.
With renewed energy I take my three boys and new love for a dinner on the beach at the Blue Ocean Club on Bali. The 90’s Blue Ocean Club, that is.

Tamara Hoetasoit

From which experience did you learn, what made you stronger?
My resilience has been challenged severely, to put it mildly. There are many experiences, or hurdles and obstacles, that thought me how to be strong, stay strong and move on. Looking back, I sometimes think that during these times I might have been too hard on myself. My current life lesson is to be milder to myself.

What is your golden beauty trick or favourite product?
A touch of humor always helps to put things in perspective and for firm buttocks and thighs I’m addicted to Weleda Evening Primrose body oil. Read about it on Chapter Fifty about a year ago and just opened my sixth bottle!

Tamara Hoetasoit IM Connie Palmen

Which book/film/music shaped/changed you and why should we read it?
Two books that deeply touched me are The Chin Kiss King by A
na Veciana Suarez. A heart-wrenching novel that chronicles the lives of three generations of Cuban-American women in Miami.
The other one is I.M. by Dutch author Connie Palmen, a moving autobiographical novel about the loss of the love of her life.
Every time I read it (for the third time now), the book is different but still so beautiful and moving. Depending on my life phase I see different things in the same story.
One of my favourites movies is Bridges of Madison County. Did she made the right choice or not?

Tamara Hoetasoit Portrait

Who should we follow on Instagram? 

Tamara Hoetasoit

What’s your favourite destination/hotel/museum/restaurant in the world? 

  • Destination : Marrakech  love the old entwined with new. And the colors. And the smells.
  • Hotel             : Hotel Chambres Damis, an oasis in hectic Marrakech. A marvelous place where there’s no lock on your room. That says it all.
  • Museum       : The Getty Museum, in LA. The building, the views from the building and the collections.
  • Restaurant    :  My oldest son Kasper has a deep love for Japanese food, he took me to Kyoto Gogyo. Try the Burned Miso Soup.

What’s your signature dish? The one that makes your friends demand a seat at your dinner table.
If I want all the kids and friends around my dinner table I should make Soto Ayam. A traditional Indonesian chicken soup with vegetables, broth, rice and more. I think it’s overrated, they say it’s not.

Which childhood dish best represents the time and place of your youth?
I really was a slow, bad eater. Not really into special dishes. Although I do remember that when the milkman came around my mom bought my brother and me each a cup of cheese spread, put us on the kitchen counter and allowed us to empty it with a spoon.

Tamara Hoetasoit Dirty Chai Tea

Trivia time, make a choice and share your favourite brand:

  • Nailpolish or Lipstick?
    Lipstick. Almost Lipstick by Clinique, color Black Honey. (also addicted to their water resistant eye-liner, not for sale in Holland but thank God for a wide group of flight attendant friends)
  • Heels or Flats?
    Heels. Except when I walk Elmo. Then it’s Converse.
  • Dress or Trousers?
    Dress, I strive for wearing dresses as soon as the temperature hits 15 C. For walking the dog or relaxing at home I am hooked to my sweatpants by Rituals.
  • Coffee or Tea?
    Coffee. Espresso/Dopio. I finish the day with a large cup of Dirty Chai tea by Celestial Seasonings.
  • Swimsuit or Bikini?

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