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Moët & Chandon Global Celebration Day in Amsterdam

Moet Chandon Global Celebration Day

Moët & Chandon certainly knows how to throw a party. Last Friday was Moët & Chandon Global Celebration Day, honoured with an exclusive Masquerade Ball in enchanting surroundings in Amsterdam. Our contributor editors Tanja Minnée and Karen Maes were more than happy to put on their masks, dress up and make it pop. Let’s take a sparkling look over their black laced shoulders.

Moet Chandon Global Celebration Day RVDA

Global Celebration Day by Moët & Chandon

Why June 11? Because June is the gateway to summer, says Moët & Chandon. Specifically, June 11th is also a milestone in savoir-fête history of this renowned Maison de Champagne. On that day in 1967, the celebratory champagne spray was born at the 24-hour Le Mans race in France. American driver and winner Dan Gurney did something unexpected when he was handed a bottle of Moët & Chandon on the podium: he sprayed champagne over the crowd! And just like that, a joyous new celebration was born.
Although we rather drink it, not waste it, the gesture equals celebration to the max.
More than 36 countries celebrate this day together, from the UK to France, from Hong Kong to Japan. Where every moment is an experience, and every experience is a #moetmoment.

“Moët & Chandon creates memorable moments around the world that are about living life to the fullest, this day makes it official, and provides a stylish way to live THE NOW and share in our sense of savoir-fête.” __ Arnaud de Saignes, Director of Marketing and Communications

Global Celebration Day Huize Frankendael

Who’s who at Moët’s Masquerade Ball

“It started in an almost tranquil atmosphere, with a whisper. The masks performed their tasks well since you really couldn’t recognise one and other”, says Tanja.
The Frankendael Mansion was the perfect backdrop for this masquerade ball. It is the last remaining country estate within the city Amsterdam. Build in the 18th century, the house was used by people of high distinction to enjoy friendship and nature. Wouldn’t they have loved to attend this party.
The beautiful landscaped baroque gardens highlighted by many torches, it had Venice written all over it! Picture a fairylike singer who mingled through the well dressed beautiful crowd while singing her classic songs. Wandering from the gardens into the richly decorated salons.

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” __ Dom Perignon at the moment he discovered champagne

Global Celebration Day Moet Chandon

We loved to see that the invites for this exclusive ball followed the ‘Mind Your Mask’ dress code on the invitation. And beyond. We spotted impressive concealing masks as in handmade macramé, voile entwined with roses, beautiful cat-like masks, butterflies and of course some bunnies. Black bunnies. We’ve been inspired by Zorro, or to be more precise by D’Artagnan. The first musketeer from the famous story.  But then of course the sensual black lace version.
What started as a delicate chic whisper ended in a spectacular, flamboyant party. At the stroke of midnight – the start of Global Celebration Day – it was all about da©ncing the night away. We were having a ball!

When leaving the scene like Cinderella’s, we saw trees outside decorated with empty champagne flutes. Hanging upside down. Or was that the bubbles talking?

images by RVDA & Tanja Minnée
Global Celebration Day Moet Chandon RVDA



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