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Scents and moods go hand in hand at Otentic.

Otentic Perfumes Fyori

New in Amsterdam, a dedicated scent boutique by Otentic. In this store it’s not about brand names but about scent(s). No less than 73 of them. Otentic is taking a different approach to perfume by crafting fine fragrances who reflects moods. Just the experience I was looking for, as I mentioned in my post about my new fragrance quest.
Traditionally, perfume is produced by big brands and fashion houses and marketed on aspiration. Become the celebrity who holds the bottle. No celebrities at Otentic, only you and skilled staff who guides you through different scent moods.

Otentic Perfumes Jean-Denis Saisse

Otentic’s Jean-Denis Saisse to the rescue

I was a little confused at first. So many different scents! Where to start? Lucky me, legendary eight-generation perfumer Jean-Denis Saisse was available to guide me personally. He conceived all 73 fragrances, divided into eight distinct scent families or ‘moods’, each constructed around a different fragrance profile.
Over the course of his long career in Grasse, Saisse has been a source for some of the most successful fragrances for well-known brands, developing a reputation for the remarkable quality of his scents.
He told me that Otentic really is his masterwork – a hugely ambitious labour of love, wisdom and experience that he has been undertaking for the last three years.

Scent is one of the most powerful, but often underused, ways to express oneself. It stirs memories and emotions, influences the judgement of others – it can even make people fall in love. __ Jean-Denis Saisse | Parfumier

Otentic Fyori perfume Jean-Denis Saisse

Otentic’s eight scent families

In fact, the system is quite simple. One collection, 8 fragrance ‘moods’ with different perfume creations within each mood from light to heavy. The 8 families are:

  • Fyori – Floral and romantic
  • Lemonia – Fresh, with a citrus tang
  • Elegantia – Refined, powdery and sophisticated
  • Sedux -Sweet and fruity
  • Sensuali – Oriental, with vanilla and amber note
  • Arborath – Woody, smoky and aromatic
  • Grasslands – Earthy, dry and spicy
  • Aguamondo – Ocean-fresh and oxygen-rich

With a Fragrance Scorecard in hand the smelling starts. Either to browse by yourself or guided by a skilled perfume expert. Each fragrance has a glass bowl with tapered end that really holds the scent. Mark the ones you like. Mine were mostly in the Fyori, Elegantia and Grasslands families. Moods as Arborath, Sedux and Sensuali – think woody, vanilla and amber characteristics – are too heavy for me. Being blonde.
When done, 4 fragrances can be tried upon the skin of pulse and arm. It was crystal clear for me: no. 2 Fyori.
If still in doubt or scent confused, take a walk along the canals and keep sniffing your arms while enjoying Amsterdam’s finest views.

Otentic Perfumes

As an extra, Otentic also launches a collection of 8 exceptional rich perfumes, named Pures: Lavender, Neroli, Santal, Patchouli, Roses, Amber, White Musc and Lily of the valley. That makes 72 cents in total. Where is no. 73, you say?
That’s the one scent that stands out, Anno 1785.  It is the source and star of Otentic, mother of all perfumes, and contains ancient and forgotten though precious ingredients.

All perfumes are suited for women as well as for men. I like this new approach to perfume, fragrances with soul to match your – ever-changing – mood. Liquid emotions in a bottle.
stores in Antwerp and Amsterdam
available in small atomizer 16 € / 50 ml from 69 € / 100 ml from 94 €

Otentic Perfum Anno 1785

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