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Filippa K. tips to prolong the life of your clothes

Filippa K. Care

Don’t underestimate the little things. They also contribute to a more sustainable fashion world. If we all do our little contributing, results are achieved on a larger scale.
You know my drill, no more fast fashion, invest in – classic – quality pieces. New or vintage, buy less buy better. I’m half way my #onepieceamonth 2016 challenge, buying with awareness is easier than I thought and results in more space. Both in my head ànd in my closet.
Did you know that extending the average life of your clothes by just three months leads to a 5-10 percent reduction in carbon, water and waste footprint? According to Filippa K., the Swedish brand known for it’s sustainable approach to fashion, every little thing helps.
These tips and tricks may sound obvious, but like to share them anyway. Let’s freshen up our minds. And clothes.

Tips how to wash, mend & care by Filippa K.

Filippa K. care

Filippa K. Sustainable Fashion

Again, these tips might seem obvious but sometimes we need some refreshing, right? If you have other tips that keeps our darling garments in good shape, please let us know. Sharing is caring!

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