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Style has no Age, interview in Nouveau Magazine

Nouveau Karin Barnhoorn

Dutch glossy magazine Nouveau recently restyled their looks and introduced new features. One of them is the monthly Style has no Age interview. Guess who got interviewed about her personal style in this July Summer issue? Right. For the article in Dutch, click here. For english translation keep reading.

Signature look?
I would say classic and simple with a sturdy edge. As in vintage faded boyfriend jeans mixed with preppy Gucci loafers or white Stan Smith sneakers. I like to wear a white men’s shirt from Filippa K or Pauw. Or denim-on-denim with a blue shirt from A.P.C.
When temperatures drop I exchange the shirt for a cashmere turtleneck by Repeat, soft quality and they hold their shape.
On top a black tailored jacket by Prada, the best fit ever. I also like to wear my black motorbike jacket by Massimo Dutti or  – when in a real preppy mood – I’ll add the classic Burberry trenchcoat. Talking about classics, all these items deserve that label. It’s either black, taupe or white in my capsule collection with a touch of green.

Nouveau Juli 2016

Sustainable Fashion
Growing older also means that I now know more what suits me or not. Quality over quantity is important and I only wear what feels good. No more capitulations in the name of fashion. Lovely shoes but too tight? Where I walked off with pain before, I now put them back with a smile. Something else will come along. Or not. Both fine by me.
I started with my #onepieceamonth Challenge in 2016. Inspired by the documentary The True Cost.  This really opened my eyes, fashion is not a throw-away product. We have to stop buying so much fast fashion clothes made by underpaid women. Choose for better quality or vintage – one of the reasons I founded back in 2007.
I find it surprisingly easy to only buy one piece a month, I only bought my first item in March this year. Ok, it was a Dries van Noten sweater I fell in love with. I also experience that since I shop in my closet I rediscover items that feel as if they’re new!

What not to Wear
I don’t do short, shorter, shortest anymore. I do wear cut-off jeans around our farmhouse in Portugal or at the beach but not in the street or while shopping. And I stopped wearing pencil skirts with high heels or figure-hugging dresses. I think I still can, but I do not feel as comfortable in these type of clothes anymore. I really feel much better when wearing a more loose style of clothing. That’s another advantage of being a personal lifestyle blogger (besides working on any location in the world), I can always dress according to how I feel. Love that!

Nouveau Tilda Swinton Carmen dell' Orefice

Style Icon(s)
For me that’s British actress/model Tilda Swinton. She really has her own unique non-conformist style. I first noticed her during a show of Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf in 2003. Later that evening the three of them shared a dinner table next to ours in Amsterdam. Had to keep looking at her.
And what’s not to love about Iris Apfel and american model Carmen dell’ Orefice? These women invented style. Carmen Dell’ Orefice starred on the cover of Vogue in 1946,  a the age of fifteen. Today she’s 85 years and stills works as a model. Amazing. Style has no age, indeed.

Nouveau Max Mara Ladress

Must Haves
I am a black pants addict. Preferable styled with a cashmere sweater. Right now my favourite black pants is a kind of straight model by Max Mara (left). Flowing, cool wool/lycra mix fabric with a straight leg. Easy for travel (wrinkle free) and can be worn for any occasion, from black tie to  hiking – only different shoes required.
The same counts for the Stockholm pants (right) by LaDress. Both style pants are capsules wardrobe fundamental pieces.

Fashion Advice
Keep it simple and don’t wear too your clothes to small. Once upon a time I was a personal shopper, friends still ask me for fashion advice now and then. I think most women look their best in simple yet high quality clothes. Make sure your basics (see Musthaves) are covered and start styling and mixing from there.
I like the strong image of a simple pants and (sweat) shirt with a vintage Kelly bag with a Cartier watch and red lips.
Favorite ontwerper?  Dries Van Noten. By far.

Nouveau Style has no Age
Except for all these black pants and black tops, I have a thing with printed trousers. I love them from Sandro, Max Mara or Baum und Pferdgarten, the one I’m wearing at this Nouveau photo shoot. These days I am very into pants, my skirts and/or dresses need an unemployment fee.

Aging well
It’s no secret that I am a fan of deep tissue facial massages and LPG Endormolift treatments. For skin care I use different brands, as long as they are paraben free and (partly) organic. EmerginC really makes a different. Believe me, I’ve tried a lot.
I always wear nail polish, hand and toe. Beach or travel ready at any time. My favorite color is Berlin There Done That by OPI. Yes, taupe. Surprise.

Two coats. One is thé classic camel hair wrapcoat by Max Mara, the other one a full flowered oversized colorful coat by Dries van Noten. Both rather unpractical on bike but very, very stylish.

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