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#onepieceamonth investment no. 7: Sartore Sandals

Sartore Sandals Pauw

If the shoes fits… Love this expression. These Sartore beauties seduced me on Pauw Amsterdam’s Instagram. Whispering my name. So a few days later I checked again to see if they still had the same impact. Because no more impulse shopping, shop with attention and awareness, remember?
First answer The Questions: Will I wear these calf leather fringe embellished sandals at least 30 times? Do I have something similar in my wardrobe? Yes and No.
Since I started my #onepieceamonth challenge I amazes me how fast a month passes by without dedicated shopping. Items find me instead of the other way around. Via Instagram, for instance. These Sartore lightweight slippers with microgum soles immediately got under my skin.
The only thing left to do is visit the Pauw store and try them on. Leaving the store with item no. 7 in a shoe box! First shoe addition in 2016 and five more pieces to go.

Sartore Sandals Pauw

Sartore, it’s a family affair

I know and love my classics. These calf leather sandals have it all. Anything tassled has my sincere attention and being taupe ànd have contrast color piping makes them even better.  They will certainly not be the reason for any excess bagage. They’re as light as a feather.
Sartore started in 1930s with a small shoe and repair shop in the countryside just inland from Nice. Two decades later, in 1959, Paul Sartore set up his own factory with his wife Marcelle. Always looking for the best leather work artisans and patinas, the couple taught their daughters how to spot quality work and enjoy beautiful things. Very soon, the girls fell in love with Italian lifestyle: celebrating the dolce vita and a refinement they still advocate today.
The company is now based in Italy with high-quality leather work done by hand. The style is best described as classic while playing with masculine and feminine influences.

Sartore Pauw Amsterdam

Sartore at Pauw Amsterdam

Dutch Pauw Amsterdam luxury multi-brand store opened their first Pauw store in the late 40’s in Amsterdam, by the Pauw family. Many more stores were to follow from then on in cities throughout The Netherlands. Also the Pauw daughters, like the Sartore story, made their entry into the family company.
Madeleine and Henriette decided to expand the business model with more avant-garde labels in the late sixties and early seventies. The sisters saw potential in – until then – relatively unknown labels from Paris, London and Milan. They became one of the first to introduce Comme des Garçons, Kenzo and Dries van Noten to The Netherlands.
With the start of the new era, Madeleine’s son Christiaan joins the Pauw group and international expansion is a fact. From a shop-in-shop at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York ’till an international e-shop, their brands are available for all who all prefer quality over quantity.

Sartore Pauw

Unfortunately I have quite some narrow feet and therefore most of the adorable shoes that come along are too wide for me. I used to ignore this fact, buy them anyway and add insoles and/or two pair of socks (in case of boots, not sandals). Since the slow fashion moi, I only add items to my wardrobe that feel and fit good. No more adjustments in the name of fashion. Therefore if the shoe fits and looks thís good, there is only one thing left to do. Add to my shoe collection. Done.

Tanja Minnee illustration One piece a month challenge

the true cost
illustration by Tanja Minnee


Sartore Pauw

The shoes described in this blog post are sponsored items and part of my collaboration with Pauw Amsterdam, curated luxury store. I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me.

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