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Beauty Bucketlist update. What’s new, fragrance wise?

Beauty update fragrances

Fall season equals many new beauty products. Since both the Chapter Fifty post box and numerous press launches provide more great new skin care – and beauty products than we can try ‘n test before we write about it, we have to make a change.
From now on we will share what’s on our beauty bucketlist on a regularly base. Highlight (new) products who drew our on-the-spot attention and therefore made it to our to-try-list. We are critical – self-knowledge, yes – and give products who are mostly organic, cruelty- and paraben free a higher priority.
But first let’s talk some scents. Four scents (and bottles) reviewed below are the ones we love this Fall. As a gift to self or gift to friend.

Beauty Bucket list Galop d'Hermes

Beauty Bucketlist : Galop d’ Hermès

New in-house Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel launches her very first fragrance, Galop d’ Hermès. In style with the scents and history of the maison, a dance between rose and leather.
Inspired by the scent of Doblis leather, think butter soft leather, she searched for a complementary scent to create an elegant balance. Enter rose. Since leather is quite overpowering it took a lot of technical research to develop this balance. But oh my, did they succeed. I find it both light and delicate (rose) but also sturdy and rich (leather) but never too heavy.

“When I touched the leather, I realized this is the femininity of Hermès and I wanted to create something starting from there,” __ Christine Nagel

The equestrian look and feel is all about another balance: form & function. The bottle resembles a stirrup and was made after an original perfume bottle from the Hermès museum which dates back to 1930. It really is a piece of art and so much in line with the understated luxury of Hermès. Sniff your Kelly.

Galop d’ Hermès – parfum – 50 ml 225 €

Beauty Bucketlist Fragrances

Beauty Bucketlist : La Petite Robe Noire de Guerlain

La Petite Robe Noire – or LBD, little black dress – represents a feeling of elegance and femininity. Of authentic Parisian chic.
The House of Guerlain, founded in 1828, is know for it’s legendary perfumes as Mitsouko (1919), Shalimar (1925) and Samsara (1989). I cherished my red Samsara bottle in the ’80’s. Thinking back about that time it now occurs to me that it might be that I slightly overused my Samsara. Subtilty was not yet in my vocabulary.

LPRN was first launched in 2009, created by Delphine Jelk. An hommage to the stylish elegant dress and foremost to the elegant women wearing it. Are the earlier issues more fitted for daily use – with top notes as lemon and vanilla – the recently launched La Petite Robe Noir Sous Le Vent Eau de Parfum Intense (pronounce that one very quickly) is more suited for a night out on the town. Dinner for two in a romantic setting, the dress on the bottle (think Marilyn M.) is made for this.
Musk, patchouli, sandalwood, Bulgarian rose and fresh bergamot are responsible for the sweet and heavy-ish scent. Intense is the right word. Subtle use advisory.

The tinted blue glass bottle – chic! – takes us back to the early days of the House of Guerlain. To the original heart-shaped bottle, made in 1912 for L’Heure Bleue was also used for Mitsouko since 1919. Very Guerlain.

La Petite Robe Noire – eau de parfum intense – 50 ml 100 €

Beauty Bucketlist Sensai

Beauty Bucketlist : Sensai The Silk

Launch a limited edition and you have my attention. In case of The Silk eau de parfum by Japanese cosmetic house Sensai, the original 50 ml size comes with a chic purse – or travel – spray. Open call to all perfume creators: please make this your standard package! One for home and one to go. Merci.
When you say Sensai you say Silk. Khoishimaru silk. I love the story how they discovered that the hands of silk weaving women were extremely softer compared to those handling cotton threads. Since then silk is used in every Sensai product.

“I wanted to create this perfume as a texture, bringing to life the sensation of silk on skin. I was also inspired by the SENSAI woman: who she could be and how her inner beauty would radiate. A modern and sensible interpretation of sensuality.”
__ Marie Salamagne

The Silk Fragrances are only introduced last year. The first thing that comes in mind when smelling this scent on my skin is powder. Powdery and sweet. Feminine. Sophisticated. Modern but also very classic, an alliance of tradition with modernity.
Top notes are bergamot, pink pepper and lily of the valley with amber and musk as base notes. Fresh and warm at the same time. Created by French perfumer Marie Salamagne.
The bottles are designed to reminiscent silk cocoons (designed by Gwenael Nicolas).

Sensai The Silk Limited Edition – eau de parfum – 50 ml + 15 ml 125 €

Beauty Update Shay Blue

Beauty Bucketlist : Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna

All the way from London. Shay & Blue is a relatively new perfume house, established only in 2012. However when it comes to perfume  creating skills there are years of experience involved.
Founder Dom De Vetta (a veteran in quality fragrances, former SVP of Chanel and Global GM of Jo Malone) and perfumer Julie Massé (studied under Christine Nagel, see above Hermès) have a vision to uphold the age-old and traditional craft of fine perfumery. A commitment to create fragrances of quality by championing a new generation of craftsmen. These craftsmen (and women) have learned the patient, traditional skills of working with real flowers, fruit and spices.
I tested several scents from Shay & Blue and the Atropa Belladonna caught me immediately. It is flowery but also has a hint of decadence. From dark cassis berries top note to white narcissus and jasmin (from Grasse) in the heart to bourbon vanilla in the base.

 “Why the name Shay and Blue? I named my company after my Grandmother Grace Shay. And my favorite color is blue”.
__ Dom de Vetta

Handcrafted in England with real flowers, fruits and spices. This perfume contains around a pound (!) of jasmine and white narcissus. Every scent also is available in handwash, handlotion and scented candle, in case a spritz in the morning is not sufficient.

Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna – natural spray fragrance – 30 ml 44 €

So far our scented Beauty Bucketlist update. Which one (s) will make it to yours?

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