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Shaving the chic way with Gladderr.

gladderr hollow victorian

New! A very chic and long-lasting (therefore sustainable) steel razor. Why didn’t anyone came up with this idea before? Been shaving since prehistory with those ugly plastic (pink! blue! why?) razors. No more.
Gladderr is a stainless steel handle with adjustable steel tubes in different styles as in stone, pearl or enamel and is the new luxury razor reference. This one screams to be seen, no need to store in a drawer. The Gladderr (don’t know about the name, though) device is another Dutch original, ready to conquer the shaving world. Female or male.

gladderr hollow victorian

Gladderr, handle & products

A bathroom jewel might also be a good description of this new product. I particularly like the weight, the sturdy feel. Also the bathroom-stand is from solid, stainless steel. Produced in Sweden.
The Gladderr shaving handle is initiated by Rob van Dusseldorp, a former corporate VP who made a career change. The idea behind Rob’s base design was to create the possibility to personalize a shaving handle. A non-disposable long-lasting product that could easily be configured into your preferred, personal style.
The shape of the ergonomic handle is especially designed for Gladderr by Dutch industrial designer Lieven Bekaert and can only be made by hand, therefore every part of each handle is unique.

gladderr handle

There are 4 collections, from sparkling luxurious to stylish and cool. I opted for the Fabulous Collection, the Hollow Victorian style in deep-sea blue. Perfect match with our greenish mosaic bathroom tiles. You can even put together your personal handle, the large variety in tubes makes it easy to configure a one of a kind piece. Order online, opt for the single product or a Luxury Box which contains the handle with a shaving cartridge, the design stand and a travel case. Or the Exclusive Gift Box. In this box an extra shaving cartridge and a 30ml bottle Foaming Shaving Oil is added.

Three GLADDERR shaving products are also developed in the Netherlands following an extensive study of shaving, and especially shaving the female body and pubic area.
I tried the pre-shaving scrub first, followed by the foaming shaving oil which forms a perfect smooth base to easily slide the razor over the skin. Doesn’t dehydrate the skin. Haven’t used the aftershave balm yet, first finish my EmerginC Grape Stem Cell body butter.

Shaving razor cartridge subscription

The razor cartridges have 5 blades ideally positioned for risk-free shaving and easy rinsing of the hairs left behind. The ladies version has been specially designed for flexible and risk-free shaving of legs, pubic area under arms. What I really like is the option for the subscription service: the choice of 4, 8 or 12 razor cartridges every six months. Four will do for me.

This item is another example of where luxury meets sustainability. High quality personal care for daily use which leaves you bikini ready anytime. Let’s book a white beach destination …

gladderr shaving scrub oil

The new Gladderr razor as described in this blog post is a sponsored item. I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me.

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