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#onepieceamonth investment no. 12: MUJI shirt dress

MUJI shirt dress

Yes! The final piece of my #onepieceamonth 2016 challenge is in the pocket. Very happy with my blue men’s shirt dress of Japanese brand – or should I say non-brand –  MUJI.
The Muji shopping window on the second floor of Raffles City Mall in Singapore caught my attention each time we passed by. Calling out my name.
The only store I visited in Singapore. Not thinking about buying and therefore not actively shopping is a time saver. Money saver. Mind saver.
At least 30 wears? Do I have something similar in my closet? Yes. No. Check.

Muji shirt dress

Blue MUJI men’s shirt dress

Another capsule wardrobe must have. What took me so long? This item is a travellers bare necessity.
To appear stylish at breakfast buffet has never been this easy and this dress is also a perfect fit for a (tropical) city stroll. As in airy wear.
Even though at this very typing moment cold temperatures are quit remote, I could imagine wearing this dress with black opaques, over-the-knee boots, belt and chunky knit.

Muji Japan dept store

Muji concept store, all I need

MUJI’s philosophy of  ‘no brand quality goods’ fits seamlessly with my Slow Fashion challenge.
Founded in Japan in 1980 as an antithesis to the growing habits of a consumer society. At that time foreign-made luxury brands were gaining popularity within an economic environment of ever-rising prosperity. At the same time poor-quality, low-priced goods were appearing on the market, having a polarizing effect on consumption patterns.
The MUJI concept is based on the opposite: no brand (Mujirushi) and the value of good items (ryohin).

MUJI began with three steps: selecting (if possible raw, organic) materials, scrutinizing processes and simplifying packaging. I love the typical Japanese, plain aesthetics. The intrinsic appeal of an object that, through rationalization and meticulous elimination of excess, shows that when simplified an object might even be more appealing than luxury.
Worked for me, I even went back by myself (no need in bringing mr. B. on this voyage of discovery) to check every shelf and every product group in the store.

MUJI shirt dress

Leaving me with one conclusion, I could do with this one concept store alone. Food, interior, fashion, travel gear, there wasn’t an item that I didn’t like. So, it’s official: I have a big MUJI crush.
With European stores in London, Paris or even as close as Düsseldorf there’s no need in flying back to Singapore for some household shopping. It get’s even better: there is a MUJI store in my second hometown Lisbon!

ps. I have a #onepieceamonth confession to make; in my Japanese enthusiasm I also bought the grey slip-on sneakers I am wearing in the picture. So that makes 13 pieces for 2016… Mea Culpa.

Tanja Minnee #onepieceamonth illustration

 slow fashion challenge 2016, happily added so far:

MUJI dress

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