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Photo diary: best nine Travel Destinations of 2016

best nine travel Karin Barnhoorn

Scrolling through 2016 on my Iphone photos makes summarizing last year in a single word very easy: TRAVEL. The following best nine photos didn’t make it into blogposts but show how I loved every second of wandering the globe.
As long as I can remember, travelling to new or old places makes me happy. I feel at home on many destinations, am curious about other cultures and love meeting people. I also find that travelling puts the world we live in today in perspective.  Wanderlust is a happy virus.
On my New Year resolution list no such things as loosing weight or become a member of the gym (eek) but keep on making travel stories. The more the merrier.

The other resolution might be to dispose of more photos on my phone. Despite the fact that I feed my hungry waistbin on a daily basis, still much too much photos. Let’s take a look back in time. In random order:

best nine scotland

1. Scotland : Manor houses & Golf

I love Scotland. Here, I said it. We love to return to the land of the brave as much as possible. Twice in 2016, a summertime road trip in The Lothians and a Fall golf trip in St. Andrews.
Great nature, great people, lovely manor house hotels and most of all: the best golf courses in the world! How about the weather, you say? Couldn’t be better.

best nine Aruba

2. Aruba : Luxury Island Life

My first time visit to one of the Dutch Caribbean islands was an impressive one. Aruba is another place where I felt at home immediately. Credits for this feeling not only go to blinding white beaches and azure seas but foremost to the warm and friendly people.
The laid back island life mixes well with a challenging, windy golf course.

best nine Sweden Skane

3. Sweden : farm to plate

South Sweden – Malmö and Skåne – reminded me of Tuscany. Large hilly lands, vineyards, castles and old villages. The Swedes are connected with nature while being trendsetting modern at the same time. And the food! Another reason to put this one on the travel bucketlist.

best nine Portugal

4. Portugal : city love & country bliss

It’s no secret that I love Portugal for a very long time (maybe I was a Portuguese countess in my previous life?) and we live partly in the South in Algarve. We visit both the city of Lisbon and the county of Alentejo on a regular base.
But what ís a secret, is that I never explored any other part of this country. Shame on me. I know what to do in 2017. Hello, Porto & Coimbra.

best nine Canada

5. Canada : back to nature

The power of nature and beyond. Canada was another first time visit this year and another country perfect for a road trip. Get behind the wheel and drive. From Calgary city to Lake Louise in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the province of Alberta has it all.

best nine singapore

6. Singapore : Asian metropool

It was over 30 years ago, my first visit to Singapore. Almost unrecognizable, so much has changed. I found a modern metropolis where the old is integrated in the new with eye for sustainability.
No longer a perfect stop-over before flying of to any Asian country but Singapore definitely qualifies as a go-to destination. Raffles included…

best nine cambodia

7. Cambodia: lost temples and paddyfields

Cambodia reminds me of Thailand in the ’80’s. The Asian organised chaos I so much appreciate. This country is making its comeback after rough times and welcomes visitors with open arms. With Unesco World Heritage Angkor Wat temple complexes as icing on the rice fields cake.

best nine thailand

8. Thailand : mango and sticky rice

Thailand is always a good idea. This year Koh Samet’s beach proved to be the perfect backdrop to take in all the cultural beauty of Cambodia. Barefoot for one week, living the beachlife.
Guess what we had for our daily breakfast? Mango and sticky rice, please.

best nine amsterdam

9. Holland : staycation in Amsterdam

Home is where the heart is, Amsterdam ticks both boxes. Only spend 1/3 of last year in our hometown where life is easy, the city full and bikes the modus of transportation.
New impressive exhibitions and new restaurants popping up everywhere. Highlight of last year was a stay-over in Conservatorium Hotel, 10 minutes by bike from our home…

I changed from a blue backpack in the 80’s to my beloved dented Rimowa suitcase today but the sensation of travelling remains unchanged. Or as Samuel Johnson puts it:

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.”

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