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Van Gelder Indian Jewellery, the origin of quality

Van Gelder Indian Jewelry

[by Tanja] Cocktails, canapes and the Waldorf Astoria hotel form the perfect backdrop for a premiere screening. Like the new collection of  unique Van Gelder Indian Jewellery. This is a story of a family run business. Or, even better, a business run by the women of the Van Gelder family.
Founded by Bernadette van Gelder in 1980, she now forms a strong trio with her daughters Fleur and Noelle. They share a deep passion for traditional Indian Jewellery. And glass showcases full of treasures.

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery, a family story

In the late seventies Bernadette van Gelder received a parure of antique jewellery from her brother, a dealer in fine antique oriental art. She fell in love with it instantly. The set was not only utterly beautiful, but also captured an entire story linked to the Indian culture.
Bernadette started to research these stories and became so fascinated, she started her Van Gelder Indian Jewellery business. Today the company is run by her daughters Noëlle Viguurs-Van Gelder and Fleur Damman-Van Gelder. They both grew organically into the business from a very early age.

“I remember mom coming back from one of her trips to India and my sisters and me were waiting for her in anticipation. Combed wet hair and in our bathrobes on the couch, watching her open her bags full of treasures. So exciting!”
__ Noëlle Viguurs – Van Gelder

Noëlle also tells me at this presentation in The Waldorf Astoria hotel that her mother Bernadette is still of inestimable value because of her huge amount of knowledge. The Van Gelder ladies are more than ready for the challenges and dynamics of the present and future time. Combining their mutual passion for jewellery of the highest quality with their personal taste and enormous business drive.

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery Hanco Zwaan

Gemmological micro art

As an additional quality standard, all Van Gelder jewels are tested through micro analysis.  By the Nederlands Gemmological Institute led by dr. Hanco Zwaan. The micro pictures which are made during the investigation evoke a true science-fiction landscape.
This proof of quality was of such a splendid beauty that the Van Gelder company decided to share all this with an audience. Hence the name of todays presentation, The Origin of Quality.
What is so fascinating is the authenticity of these images. It is the most beautiful way to make history of million years visible and tangible. I would suggest to frame them, they deserve a display on their one!

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery

The story of the nine stones

When I took a closer look at the pieces during the presentation, I was instantly captured by the feeling that there is so much more to know.  About their history and about symbolics. Throughout the ages, Indian jewellery finds it’s origin in spiritual depths. In Hinduism for instance, astrology counts nine planets. These nine planets correspond with nine Hindu gods and with nine precious stones. Ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, topaz, diamond, sapphire  and cat’s eye.
According to Indian tradition the relationship between gods, planes and precious stones is expressed through jewellery. Seeing these pieces makes understanding the fascination of the Van Gelder women very easy.
Browsing through the online collection with this knowledge gives a new meaning to these stunning pieces of art.

Van Gelder Indian Jewellery Jan Taminiau

Van Gelder manages to interest new generations for their unique pieces. Working together with leading Dutch couturiers like Jan Taminiau and Edwin Oudshoorn, the sisters believe that antique Indian Jewellery creates synergy between the modern world of fashion and centuries-old traditions and crafts. Old meets New and East meets West…

Van Gelder Indian Jewelry

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