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#onepieceamonth investment Feb17: Fluffy Ears Cashmere

Fluffy Ears cashmere Karin Barnhoorn

This Fluffy Ears cashmere sweater feels as soft as it sounds and is my #onepieceamonth challenge slow fashion item this month. I’am always on the hunt for cashmere items where quality and price are in balance. To be honest, cashmere is often the first word I type next to the magnifying glass.
So, while cashmere treasure hunting on Peter Hahn, I found this stripy number. I stared and asked my self The Two Questions. Will I wear this sweater more than 30 times? Do I have something similar in my closet?
The first answer is obvious: yes. The second question is also yes – not good – I have a striped shirt in my wardrobe. Or two. But… none in cashmere or in grey. Loophole!

Fluffy Ears Peter Hahn cashmere

Fluffy Ears cashmere in white ‘n grey

A classic sweater. Round neck, straight style with extended shoulders and wider stripes on the cuffs and back. Made of loosely knitted 2-ply 100% cashmere. The 2-ply means that this yarn has two strands twisted together to ensure quality.
The feel of – feather light – cashmere on your skin is comparable to none. And addictive. Tempted to wear it daily, I tend to that with new items. As if I have nothing else to wear.  Since it is Spring already in Portugal, this soft number is a perfect match with black (Prada) pants and Adidas sneakers.

Also available in cardigan or baby blue. This sweater is 219,95 €.
(If you want to learn more about cashmere, check CCMI, the Cashmere and Camel hair Manufactures Institute).

Fluffy Ears #onepieceamonth Peter Hahn


Peter Hahn and sustainability

Peter Hahn is a German company established in 1964, also in her fifties, by founders Margrit and Peter Hahn. What started with the production and sale of jackets, coats and blankets made from exotic lama wool, is now a Europe-wide multi-brand company. No early adopter fashion gurus or fashion fix style guide. It’s more a place for quality classics. What I say, for treasure hunting. To find that one piece to mix ‘n match with designer and vintage items.
The company remained true to their love of natural materials but realise that resources are finite at the same time. The thoughtful and careful use of natural resources is key. Not only in compliance with social standards and fair treatment of partners and suppliers, also with buying of materials. Creating fashion with a clear conscience. As in fur free.

Since Coco herself introduced the striped shirt for women, it’s a style staple in every women’s closet. And cashmere? Well, cashmere is always a good idea.

#onepieceamonth challenge


slow fashion challenge 2017, happily added so far:



fluffy ears cashmere peter hahn

The Fluffy Ears cashmere sweater described in this blog post is part of my collaboration with I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me.

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