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Is facial acupuncture the new anti-aging trick?

19 March 2017
facial acupuncture helen turner

Or should I say the old anti-aging trick? I don’t want any needles with toxic fluid injected in my face but find solace in acupuncture for my health and wellbeing for a long time. Never connected this ancient Chinese therapy with anti-aging benefits in Facial Acupuncture, but this makes sense. The acupuncture points located on the meridians to stimulate the vital Qi energy, don’t skip the face.
So when Helen Turner and I connected through Instagram (met so many nice people this way, love – meaning Insta Addict Light – that medium), I was more than happy to accept her invitation to try out a Facial Acupuncture treatment. Let’s do some needlework.

facial acupuncture Helen Turner

Facial Acupuncture, does it hurt?

That’s the first questions my friends ask. Well, no I would say. I’m used to acupuncture and enjoy concentrating on my breathing in and out. Which enables me to fully relax during a treatment. And since you don’t see your face covered in needles (don’t ask for the mirror until it’s time to remove them) it did not feel any different  from an acupuncture body treatment.

Facial acupuncture is a non-surgical skin revitalising treatment, a natural anti-aging one. It focuses on traditional facial acupuncture points who help the facial muscles to relax and improves the elasticity of the skin.
Fine disposable facial acupuncture needles are inserted into the facial acupuncture points and intradermal needles into fine lines and wrinkles. That are the dotted lines you see on the picture. In my case the over-fifty-forehead-wrinkles and those two deep lines aside my mouth. While the needles are in Helen gives a scalp and head massage. I dozed off.

Facial Acupuncture Helen Health Amsterdam

What are the benefits of Facial Acupuncture?

Helen – health and wellness consultant – explains to me that Facial Acupuncture improves the skin tone and texture, stimulates collagen production (want that, plump it up!), increases cell regeneration which fills and smooth fine lines. All of this, please. Age with grace.
As in regular acupuncture it also increases blood circulation which encourages oxygenation and lymph drainage. Drink loads of (herbal tea) water afterwards. The overall feeling is one of relaxation and energy at the same time.
On March, 28 Helen joins the Holistic Health Night at C Cosmetics natural wellness store in Amsterdam from 6 – 8 pm. She will demonstrate Facial Acupuncture.

You know I’m not into before-and-after pictures (they only make sense if the background and lightning is the same and let’s say Mario Testino makes them). I can see and feel the difference and got me some compliments after the treatment.
A natural treatment with natural results. More pins and needles for me, please.

Treatments available on various locations in Amsterdam. 
Contact Helen for more info. Prices from 100€
facial acupuncture Amsterdam


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