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#onepieceamonth investment Mar17: Dries van Noten trousers

Dries van Noten pants

Never change a winning team. Why shop around if you know where to get the good stuff? This month addition to my wardrobe is a flowery black & beige pair of trousers by Belgium’s finest: Dries van Noten.
Did you know that not actively shopping around really saves a lot? Both money, time ànd head space. One of the results of my conscious #onepieceamonth shopping challenge is that thoughtless shopping disappeared. It amazes me how fast it was out of my system. I enjoy the attitude of not needing something new for the sake of it. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Dries van Noten Palmira trousers

Dries van Noten strikes again

Before I forget: the two questions. Will I wear this piece more than 30 times? Yes. The variety of prints in my closet proofs that I have a print crush since ages. To be honest, I don’t wear them all since one or two are too tight. For some reason (not some reason, menopause) it’s harder these days to lose 2 freshly gained kilos.
These Palmira trousers wear like sweatpants: loose fit, drawstring waist and side pockets. In a stylish silky feel (viscose) fabric and ditto print.
The second question – do I have something simular in my closet? – I just answered. Yes, I do. Wrong answer. But. Not in these colours ànd or loose model. For the moment I’m not into figure hugging clothes and feel better in a more loose fit.
Like to wear it with last month grey and white cashmere Fluffy Ears sweater and Muji sneakers.

Dries van Noten Modepaleis

Dries van Noten prints

Dries = Prints. Since his very first women’s collection from the end of the eighties. It was love at first sight for me. I used to save money – that’s not true, I spend first and then lived on yoghurt and muesli for a month while looking good – to buy a piece. In the sale (that’s true). From then on a visit to Antwerp means a visit to his Modepaleis store. Just walking around for inspiration can be enough. In Amsterdam I get my Dries fix at Pauw.
Van Noten get’s his inspiration for unique prints and colours by traveling the globe, especially Asia. Like the Japanese blossom like style of these Palmira pants. What I value most, is that his collections consist of timeless classics. It’s not about trends. I still wear items from 20 years ago. Slow fashion galore.

Printed pants work for every occasion and are perfect travel companions. Sneakers and t-shirt for city strolling, Eres swimsuit and bare feet for lunch on the beach and high strappy heels, silk lace camisole and Bottega clutch for a gala dinner. May the Dries be with you.

#onepieceamonth challenge


slow fashion challenge 2017, happily added so far:



Dries van Noten SS 2017

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