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#onepieceamonth investment Apr17: Lacoste Polo shirt

Lacoste Peter Hahn

Enjoying a round of golf is easy, finding a stylish yet understated outfit is much harder. For some reason golf clothing brands think we love to walk around in bright clashing colours and confusing patterns. Well, if I wouldn’t wear it to the office (which office?) why should I manhandle myself on the course?
I found the perfect polo (obliged golf gear) many years ago. I’ve been hooked and always wear the same polo shirt: Lacoste The Feminine. Since I know my size and only vary in colours (daring black, grey, taupe, khaki or white) I order them online at Peter Hahn.
Welcome to my #onepieceamonth challenge slow fashion wardrobe, black polo.

Lacoste Peter Hahn

Lacoste, the 5 button rule

This French original in stretch mini piqué cotton stands out because of the tailored fit, the 5 button closure and the extra length. Add 6% elastane and you have the perfect sports shirt.
The latest collections have the signature crocodile, when René Lacoste adopted the crocodile emblem he had no idea that 80 years later this logo would be worn by millions of people, embroidered in tone-on-tone instead of the original green croc. So black on black it is. already converted the French sizing into Dutch/German, I wear a French 42 (like them a bit loose, not too figure hugging) so I order a 40.
And when I finished a round – lately synonymous with losing to mr. B, not that I am playing that bad but he is that good – I change my skirt for a pair of jeans or my latest love Dries van Noten, ready for lunch at the beach. When in Algarve.

Peter Hahn, a muli-brand company

Peter Hahn is a German company established in 1964, also in her fifties, by founders Margrit and Peter Hahn. What started with the production and sale of jackets, coats and blankets made from exotic lama wool, is now a Europe-wide multi-brand company. No early adopter fashion gurus, more a one-stop-shop for quality classics. Besides in-house brands they are reseller of numerous well known solid brands. Like these Lacoste polo shirts.
The company remained true to their love of natural materials but realise that resources are finite at the same time. The thoughtful and careful use of natural resources is key. Not only in compliance with social standards and fair treatment of partners and suppliers, also with buying of materials. Creating fashion with a clear conscience. Me like.

So. The polo shirt is covered, but a golf outfit in an understated style as I would like to wear, is very hard to find. Maybe I should design a golf collection myself? Hm, the first thought that comes up is: why not? Will be cont.

#onepieceamonth challenge


slow fashion challenge 2017, happily added so far:



Lacoste Polo

The Lacoste polo shirt described in this blog post is part of my collaboration with I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me.

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    Oh please, design a golf collection, but do not forget till size 46!

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      Thnx for the positive feedback!
      Keep you posted 😉
      grtz Karin

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