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Beauty Bucketlist update: paraben free mascaras

Mascara Natural organic

My skin care routine changes. Well, not my routine but my choice of products. Where I used to buy the newest Dior Show or anything Lancome – lash wise – my focus changes towards more natural products.
The more I learn about harmful ingredients (beware of parabens, aluminum powder, propylene glycol and  retinyl acetate) in most mascaras, the more determined I am to use natural, nontoxic stuff on my lashes.
Looking – test123 – for healthier alternatives currently lead me to Dr. Hauschka, Miss W. and Couvrance.

Mascara dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara

The sweet smell of rose makes me sniff first before apply-ing. Yes, file this one under guilty pleasure.
The Dr. Hauschka Volume is a natural mascara with a rather voluminous brush, which I like. The smudge-resistant formula thickens and plumps lashes, very easy to apply quickly. The cream is a smooth composition without tiny fibres, don’t like that  in a mascara.
Formulation: Beeswax, rose and candelilla waxes combined with silk powder plump and protect lashes. Jojoba and candelilla waxes provide firmer, fuller lash volume. Neem leaf extract fortifies. Also with Cane sugar and Arabic gum.
19,50 € – 8 ml (Dr. Hauschka just released a new package without the golden logo)

Mascara Miss W.

Miss W. organic mascara

Miss W. is French et beaucoup bio. The Infinity Look mascara is again a creamy substance. The natural and organic formula is non-aggressive for the eye contour skin. Its silicone brush has a pointy shape with furrows that helps separate and lengthen my eyelashes.
Miss W. comes with eco certificates and what’s also unique: the package is made from paper. When finished, remove the brush and container top and dispose with plastics, the remaining shell and cap join the paper waistbin. Easy to apply, I use a second round for a more dramatic look.
Formulation: among others, carrageenan gum for moisturizing properties, organic argan oil to protect, nourish and to bring softness. 99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
22,95 € – 9 ml

Mascara Couvrance Avene

Couvrance high tolerance mascara

Couvrance is also French, from the pharmacy brand Avène. Thermal spring water in the heart of all their products.
This mascara comes in a clean, silver and white tube and the brush is slightly bend. I find the curve quite handy, the bended part gives volume and the not bended part separates and lengthens. My first encounter with this mascara was a small sample size that came with a spf product. I liked it so much that I bought the regular size. Point: sampling works.
The formula is hypoallergenic, paraben and perfume free and especially suitable for sensitive skin and eyes
Formulation: among others, thermal water, beeswax, Acacia Senegal gum and Carrageenan (seaweed extract with thickening qualities).
20,50 € – 7 ml

I am not rigorously throwing out all my make-up and skin care, but when a product is finished I focus on different qualities than a glamorous logo when buying new beauty stock. Companies who use roses or develop disposable paper mascara packaging need support. They have mine.

Mascara paraben free

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