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Bibi van der Velden’s wearable works of art

Bibi van der Velden Wunderkammer

The start of this week was a good one. On Monday we hosted an intimate, private event at the new studio of (and with) Dutch artist Bibi van der Velden in Amsterdam. Or should I say, old studio. This artist’s community is tucked between two canals, hidden behind a door and a breeding ground for contemporary art for over fifty years.
While Bibi talks about her work and inspiration, we sip a mimosa on the inner courtyard. With over 20 ºC on the thermometer, this event equals pre Summer vibes in the city. Let’s go inside and discover.

Bibi van der Velden event

Bibi and Auverture

Bibi’s work is synonymous for unique pieces. She mixes gold, diamonds and semi precious stones, with ostrich eggs, scarab wings, Tahitian pearls and 40,000 year-old mammoth tusk. As if these materials were intended to end up together.
A sculptor by profession, she approaches every jewellery piece exactly that way: as a miniature sculpture.

I believe real luxury is something powerful and compelling, something rare and special that isn’t ubiquitous.
__ Bibi van der Velden

Her pieces tell stories and have an unusual luxury feel. You háve to look twice, háve to try to feel this yourself. They whisper ‘try me’ from behind their glass bell jar. My favorites? I love the series with scarab wings and white mammoth eggs.
Apart from her own jewelry, she is co-founder of Auverture. A curated online platform dedicated to inventive fine jewellery with carefully selected pieces.
A new wave of global designers who are leading the category and are skilled craftspeople, show how a piece of jewellery comes into being. With the use of exclusive videos, pictures and interviews, this platform offers a glimpse into these artists’ creative processes. Telling the stories behind their designs.

Bibi van der Velden Couture wink wink

Couture as well, wink wink

I was surprised – expecting jewellery only – to find a collection of intriguing jackets. All handmade by Bibi and a traditional seamstress.
The base, simple round neck jacket is made of antique or vintage high quality fabric. Former kimono’s, wedding dresses or even baroque church cushions are not safe when spotted by Bibi on her travels.
The chosen fabric asks for the right decoration. Embroideries, sequins, applications or all of the above. Hand made with love. Eye catcher (no pun intended) is the Wink Wink jacket in dark green. Crystal tears included. Yes, I tried it on. This one should have #30wears at least…

Bibi van der Velden The Wunderkammer

Wunderful Wunderkammer

Speaking of couture, Florian Seyd and Ueli Signer set the global flower standard with The Wunderkammer.
They work with Bibi for years, creating the perfect environment for her pieces time and time again. Also for this exhibition and todays theme is Underwater World. Sandy ocean sands with jellyfish like flowers and floating seaweed style standing pieces.
Their ‘shop-for-a-week’ pop-up stores are renowned. Visiting by bike to prevent myself from buying large pieces – not only flowers and amazing plants but also stunning decoration pieces – and resist temptation does not help. They do home delivery.

Sometimes it all adds up. The women, the location, the artist, the decorations and last, but certainly not least, the bespoke jewellery. Creative expressions has many forms.

Bibi van der velden couture

Bibi van der Velden Auverture



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