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Interior Textile Trends, what’s new @ Co van der Horst?

co van der horst mae engelgeer

[by Marjolein] Co van der Horst – one of Holland’s finest international design addresses – hosted the International Home Couture and  Textile Trends Event last week. I’m not talking clothing but home couture. Tactile textiles. New in the collection are none other than Loro Piana Interiors, cc-tapis rugs and Mae Engelgeer.
Started in 1905, this interior business is still family owned. Brothers Stephan and Edwin van der Horst offer an enormous luxury collection of furniture, lamps, beds, floors, carpets, curtains, outdoor furniture and accessories. And then some.
The 2017 trends in short: Pantone Greenery, luxury artisan materials and soft tones.

Co van der horst Loro Piana

Magical quality by Loro Piana

Back to those new brands. For most, Loro Piana is known for its excellent quality – cashmere ! – clothing for men and women. Originally they ‘just’ made fabrics for fashion houses. Chanel, Hermès and Brunello Cucinelli amongst them.
It was only in 2007 that they expanded with an LP interior range. At Loro Piana Interiors think luscious baby cashmere, angora, delectable linens and silks and soft vicuňa. The fabrics of the interiors collection are made from fine fibers and superior quality materials purchased in their countries of origin. Crafted in Italy, with rigorous quality controls at each stage of production.
Upholster your furniture, order new curtains and pick a pretty carpet. This is an exclusive collection of cushions, plaids and fabrics.

Co van der Horst cc-tapis

cc-tapis: Milan meets Nepal

Milan-based cc-tapis started six years ago and is already a huge success. It was inspiring to hear Fabrizio Cantoni talk about how they work. Because of their new approach to traditional methods of hand knotted rug production, cc-tapis can realize any carpet custom-made.
It’s all hand-made high quality. Take your pick from a range of no less than 1800 colors and design your own. Far from mass production, the three-month production time by Tibetan artisans in Nepal contains a story of ageless culture.
Not into designing yourself? Choose from the collection with names as Urban Semiotics, oldie SOIE and Black and White. Fresh, young designers (Mae included) guarantee constant new ideas with old school techniques.

co van der horst Mae engelgeer

Dutch Mae Engelgeer at Co van der Horst

Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer started her career in fashion but soon moved on to home textiles. Her presentation at Co van der Horst includes bed linens, towels, wall hangings, rugs and two-sided blankets. I particularly love her kimono-inspired bathrobe.
Mae’s work is characterized by a typical use of colour, geometric shapes and linear elements which is unmistakably hers. From her studio in Amsterdam she works onproduct design and development, installations, and international collaborations.
As she did with cc-tapis on a Memphis-inspired rug collection. At restaurant Pure C by Sergio Herman on the beach in Zealand one can admire one of her wall hangings.

Co van der HOrst cc for education foundation cc-tapis

Sustainable production

No need to feel guilty when buying these luxury products. Loro Piana is all about sustainability. The water they use for the final washings of their fabrics is so clean, it’s used as pond enjoyed by goldfish.
cc-tapis takes recycled rainwater to wash their rugs in. And cc-for education educates the children of their – all women – weavers in Nepal from kindergarten all the way through high school. In this way, cc-tapis guarantees that the children stay in school, giving them opportunities and a brighter future.
Mae’s towel series are produced in Portugal and therefore have a reduced eco-footprint. She also collaborates with Strawberry EARTH which has as its motto “making sustainable living a piece of cake”.

I can spend hours in the enormous building in Amstelveen and then sit down at the CoCo Café with fresh coffee. Or some lunch.
Wanna stay home? Then shop from the web shop whilst sitting on the couch you wish to renew. Too bad that feeling those high quality fabrics is not possible (yet?) through internet. But trust me, they all feel really good!

co van der horst mae engelgeer



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