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Should or could we (women over fifty) still wear cutoffs?

Chapter Fifty t shirt cut off jeans

Scrolling through my earlier posts – june 2015, time flies! – my eye was caught by the to wear or not to wear question. Do I still feel the same, I wandered. Well, yes. Reason enough to share it again:

I’ve been asking my peers these Summer days what their thoughts are on this subject. Can women over fifty still wear denim cutoffs? Or is asking the question an answer in itself?
Whenever I hear people talk about dress your age or age appropriate dressing, it makes  my eyebrows raise. Yes, both of them. Shouldn’t every women wear what makes her feel happy, confident and what fits her personal style? Apart from white leggings. Or white leggings.
So bring out your old jeans and get those scissors working. Or check out these G-star denim cutoffs with the perfect length.

cut off jeans sharon stone

It’s a leg thing, not an age thing

In short (no pun intended) most of the answers I got from my friends and sweet Instagram followers – thanks a lot, by the way – came down to the same conclusion. If women over fifty can still wear denim cut offs depends on the legs, not the age.
“If you have them, flaunt ‘m”, was one of the replies. Couldn’t agree more. Works for Catherine H. and Sharon S. for sure.
Wearing shorts is ageless. But would like to add one little footnote: I think that very short shorts (as in partly buttocks showing) are more suitable for younger females. With good legs ànd buttocks, of course.

cut off jeans t-shirt

My personal cut off style

I like to wear my denim cutoffs when I am around the quinta in Portugal, or on my way to the – any – beach. For me it’s not a city or restaurant look.
I style this look with flip-flops, sandals or espadrilles and a simple top, men’s shirt or the CF t-shirt. Finish the look with a straw tote and matching hat for that classic ageless beach look.
One of the advantages of being over fifty is that by now we know how to dress and – more important – what not to wear. For crying out loud, we were young in the eighties. Need I say more?

So let’s put the subject to rest for now and maybe re-open it at Chapter Sixty. I think that we, women over fifty, should trust that being self-critical is the best way to safeguard our personal style (and never embrace our inner grandmother). Time for my 100 laps now, keep those legs in shape.

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  • Reply Marjolein van Rooij-Roeloffzen at

    Karin, you absolutely have ‘the legs’, whereas I do not, so I don’t do the cut-off thing (never ever have, actually). So for me, this is also not age-related but leg-status-related.

    • Reply Karin B. at

      tnx! But I doubt it about your legs, slim as you are. Try it on your next beach visit 😉

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