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Beauty Bucketlist update: what’s new SPF wise?

SPF new sensai valmont Riemann P20 bioderma AlphaH

Summertime, when the living is easy. And the skin needs protection. By now we all know that the vital anti-aging foundation lies in SPF’s. As in Sun Protection Factor. I’m using SPF 50+ on my face and hands for over 10 years (before I used SPF 20 or 30), every single day. Come rain or shine. Under fifty? Keep reading because you can’t start young enough with protecting your skin. That’s a lesson learned from experience.

Sunny weather brings us an extra dose of vitamin D – also known as the sunshine vitamin. Vital to a healthy immune system and for strong bones. Max. 15 minutes of sunlight without protection about three times a week is enough to produce the body’s requirement of vitamin D. After that bring on the SPF’s. These 5 products from around the world are on my bathroom shelf right now.

spf news Sensai

1. Sensai, SPF from Japan

A light weight, smooth creamy water-resistant sunscreen with a double function. It protects the face from UVA and UVB radiation – without white residue – while dealing with the signs of aging caused by sun exposure at the same time. This cream has the soft Sensai smell and is easily absorbed by the skin. I use it after toner and serum. Alone or under foundation.
The cellular protection stick (SPF 30) is handy when the sun suddenly appears. Ready to strike!

º Cellular Protective face cream spf 50 | 50 ml – € 94,06
º Cellular Protective stick spf 50 | 9 gr – € 41,77

SPF Riemann P20 spf 50

2. Riemann P20, SPF from Danmark

P20 is founded in the ’70’s by Claus Riemann in Danmark. He developed a ‘product that worked’. Well, this pump-spray does. Too bad is it only available in 200 ml. Can’t smuggle this once-a-day (10 hours of sun protection) spray through security in my handbag.
Non-greasy and absorbs rapidly, leaves no messy white marks. On top, very water resistant and dries quick. I’ve only tried it on my arms and legs while playing golf. Not tested on my face. Yet.

º P20 Once a day spf 50 | 200 ml – €34,99

SPF new ALphaH spf 50 hand proctection

3. AlpaH, SPF from Australia

I call this one my hand foundation. It has a slight brownish tint, which feels strange at first. Will it stain on my white shirt? No, it doesn’t. There is no pigment added. The tint is caused by the natural color of Enzogenol (Pine Bark extract), one of the active ingredients. Once absorbed by the skin, my hands feel dry
The broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun filters shields the skin from sun damage and nature’s most powerful antioxidants Vitamins C and E provide anti-aging qualities. With the latter to comfort and repair the skin, leaving them soft, supple and rejuvenated.

º Protection Plus hand cream spf 50+ | 100 ml – € 33,95

SPF new Valmont Restoring Perfection spf 50

4. Valmont, SPF from Zwitserland

Another facial haute protection treat. This is an all-in-one cream for daily use. Anti-aging and high sun protection and therefore perfect throughout the year. Make sure to massage it deeply into the skin before bringing on foundation. It looks like mr. B. also discovered this pump spray.

º Restoring Perfection cream spf 50 | 30 ml – € 165

SPF new Bioderma photoderm 50+ spot

5. Bioderma, SPF from France

A pharmacies secret, Bioderma, loved by many. Photoderm SPOT contains glabridin: derived from a licorice extract, this molecule is known to slow down melanin production. It prevents pigmentation marks.
In addition to UVA/UVB protection, this cream also offer internal biological protection that preserves and stimulates the skin’s defences (immunity) during sun exposure. Easy to take everywhere.

º very high protection Photoderm spot cream | 30 ml – € 20,10

SPF sun protection

Chapter Fifty receives new products on regular basis. Some products described in this blog post are press gifts, others personal purchases.  I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these – and therefore use – myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me.

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    […] More oil! From a Dutch company this time. Founder Kees Hummelen – professor of chemistry – developed a new product that boasts just two ingredients. Organic grape seed oil and Oxofulleram, the latter a new and multi-patented powerful antioxidant. This revolutionary skin care product is designed to mimic and supplement the skin’s own protection methods. It’s a one-in-all product that replaces day cream, night cream, serum and eye-cream. Which saves a lot of space on the shelf or while travelling… I’ve been using it for 10 days now, 6 drops day and night, and I see both my age spots and fine wrinkles (around eye area) diminish. The color is dark brown which disappears after massaging the oil into the skin. Very important is to use a good UV block daily. I use my favourite Cellular Protective SPF from Sensai. […]

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