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#onepieceamonth investment Jul17: Kleed Kimono

KLeed Kimono

Funny thing is it that shopping is not actively on my mind anymore. Thanks to my #onepieceamonth slow fashion challenge I trust on items to find me.
That really is my experience, if I take stock and look back at the last 1,5 year of my new approach on fashion and therefore shopping. It makes me more focused and more aware. So, the moment I spotted the sleeve of this Kleed Kimono – without premeditation – I immediately knew it would be this month’ addition to my wardrobe.
It’s our tradition that when we leave Faro airport in Algarve, the first thing we do – before we head home – is grab a small bite (truffle pizza for mr. B and goats cheese house salad for me) at Casa Vostra in Almancil. An old farmhouse converted into an interior store/mini-fashion-store converted partly into pizza-restaurant.
Before you enter the restaurant one has to pass the Al4atro shop … And there she was.

Kleed Kimono

Kleed Kimono from Lisbon

The mix of ikat pattern, soft and thin cotton fabric topped of with an orange embroided snake on the back makes my Mozambique Kimono an ultimate summer wear. To the beach, around the house or wherever. Only don’t wear it while cooking. Sleeves get stuck in drawers or take the role of a cleaning cloth wiping the kitchen counter without noticing. I talk from experience.
Kleed means robe in Afrikaans (and in Dutch) and that’s the DNA of this loungewear concept created by Carolina Guedes Cruz. It is about her passion for African wildlife and her eagerness to share its beauty, wonders, colours and harmony with like-minded people. A fusion of fashion and wildlife, this Portuguese brand is born out of her love for loungewear and African wildlife conservation projects.

Sustainability is not an option. It is an obligation, a responsibility. A responsibility to make a meaningful contribution in whatever form we possibly can.
__ Carolina Guedes Cruz

Kleed Kimono is no exception and aspires to make a difference. Including having certain collections geared towards contributing to specific wildlife preservation projects. Made in a small atelier in Lisbon.

Happy with my new eclectic style travel companion. Will drag this one around the world. Snake and all.
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Kleed Kimono Karin Barnhoorn


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