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Beauty Bucketlist update: 6 x spoil yourself best buys

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Quality over quantity is our middle name and that might be why these 6 (new) products caught our attention. These beauties indulge us to more don’t disturb me because it is home-spa-time pampering moments.
Three hair care products in the true sense of the word, a more than luxury fragrance, a choice of masks and a dr. ‘s solution to firm up those thighs.Kemi Luna

Kemi, an alchemists luxury fragrance

This is not just another perfume. Kemi is the latest exclusive fragrance by Italian creator Sergio Momo. Who proofed his perfume creating skills with Xerjoff and Sospiro.
Sergio’s fascination for alchemy, Kemi is an ancient word for this medieval occult science, led him to a series of new perfumes. The magical transformation of a normal object into something exquisite (metal into gold…), is his inspiration for this creation. As was the moon for ancient alchemists.
From the six new fragrances, I have a fragrance fling with Luna. It is a mysterious scent, a mixture of fruits and herbs with a hidden touch of incense and spices.
Lemon and Apple are the top notes, Jasmine, Rose and Cedar represent the middle notes and base notes are Musk and Vanilla Madagascar. Amongst others.
Not your daily perfume while doing yoga but definitely that extra touch during an al fresco full moon dinner.

º Kemi Luna Eau de Parfum | 100 ml | € 290

O-Way volumizing root spray

O-Way volumizing root spray

Even my friends – knowing my volumizing hair product addiction – get alerted when discovering new hair products that enhance volume. As this O-Way great gift (tnx, Annelies!).
The Italian O-Way brand is new to my, but I love it! Bought several products in the meantime.
This all organic liquid contains biodynamic Yarrow (improves health and strength), Ginger (anti-oxidant with stimulating properties) and ethical Purple Rice (rich in anthocyanins, ideal for fine, brittle and damaged hair). Apply to damp hair concentrating on the roots.
Bestows volume to the finest hair. Gives a soft, light hold. I’ve nothing more to add to that. Hear, hear.

º O-Way Volumizing Root Spray | 160 ml | € 33

Silk by Sophie Mohr

Silk by Sophie Mohr pillow case

When interior designer Sophie Mohr, with no other than the island of Santorini as home base, searched for the ultimate luxury sleep experience for her clients she discovers the highest quality of silk: 100% Mulberry Silk. As smooth and soft as silk comes.
The gentleness of the fabric not only reduces the formation of deep wrinkles, it also allows for more effective use of your night creams and – here we go again – supports the prevention of thinning hair and keeps it soft, tangle free.
A silk pillow case is one of our contributing editor Marjolein‘s longtime beauty secrets.

The young, old & ageless need to know not only about the pleasure – but also the health & beauty benefits of sleeping on silk.
__ Sophie Mohr

A beauty sleep with benefits, this one. I have the sand colour which has a hint of taupe in it. Wherever I go, my new silk pillow case goes.

º Silk by Sophie Mohr Silk Pillow Case | 72 x 51 cm | € 89

Oraser ZO Skin Health anti cellulite

ZO Skin health Oraser cellulite control

Apart from natural remedies to reduce cellulite – dry brushing, long daily walks, 2 liters of waters and deep tissue massage, there are numerous products with anti-cellulite properties. As is the new state-of-the-art product by famous dermatologist dr. Zein Obagi. Or should I say dr. Skincare?
They just launched Oraser creme, not only for thighs and hips but also for buttocks and stomach. It offers instant firming effects, skin feels smoother and the texture improves. I don’t have a lot of ‘orange peel’ appearance but it seems less now.
I like it that Oraser encourages the production of collagen, works 24/7 and prevents new cellulite from forming. What I say, an ideal addition to natural remedies. Use twice a day, morning and evening.

º Oraser by ZO Skin health Cellulite Control | 150 ml | € 99

Anne Semonin

Anne Semonin mini masks

No masks stress of choice what to take on a trip because this travel or try-out set contains four monodoses by luxurious French skin care brand Anne Semonin. Masks are essentials to the Anne Semonin beauty regime.
The Exfoliating Mask, Gel Mask, Cream Mask and Mineral Mask help to keep the skin nourished while on the move. My favourite is the exfoliating mask which gently eliminate dead skin cells and cleanse and brightens the skin.
That and the made to measure Anne Semonin facial at Akasha Spa in Amsterdam’s Conservatorium hotel…

º Anne Semonin Daily Mask Musts | 4 x 10 gr. | € 34

Noir Stockholm Editors Choice

Editors Choice hair smoother by Noir Stockholm

No, this is not a paint tube. Well, maybe kind of. Swedish brand Noir Stockholm just launched their first collection outside Sweden. The enthusiasm of founder & celebrity hair stylist Hans Nilsson is infectious and reflects in his products. Style meets care.
Natures finest raw materials are used in modern formulas. Tested on set and stage, not animals.
The Editors Choice is a styling cream that shapes and adds luster and texture. Ingredients are protein from silk and wheat, Aloe Vera extract and Pinot Noir grape seed extract. Smells nice as well. Apply in dry hair and mold with hands.

Beauty Bucket update

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Chapter Fifty receives new products on regular basis. Some products described in this blog post are press gifts, others personal purchases.  I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these – and therefore use – myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me. KB

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