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#onepieceamonth Aug17: UGG Sammy Slip-on

UGG sammy slip-on sneaker

Practising my #onepieceamonth slow fashion challenge helps me strive for a timeless-and-favourites-only-wardrobe. Without fast fashion items. The short life circle of cheap and low quality clothes, shoes and bags is destroying both people and planet. I want items that last.
For almost two years I go with the shopping flow. Which means that I am not putting any effort into shopping or have a wish list. And if a spot something The Questions pop up first: Do I have something similar in my closet? Will I wear it at least 30 times?
When I spotted these perforated UGG slip-ons on the feet of a dear friend, (“they are cute” “tnx, beyond that: they walk divine” “can I try?” “sure!”) trying is buying proved its worth. Click, click, basket, pay, confirm.

UGG Sammy slip-on

UGG Sammy Style & Sustainability

These slip-ons are definitely made for walking. I would even use the word bounce. Lightweight and up for a well-ventilated experience which makes them a Summer style staple for a city walk. Or climb, if referring to Lisbon.
Made of knit and leather and with 5 mm of cushioning foam in the midsole. Hence the bouncy walking. The upper soft knit is stretchy and the leather heel has a kind of soft suede pillow. No blasters. The insole is also from leather.

UGG Sammy slip-on white

UGG, founded in 1978, started with Australian sheepskin boots. A fashion style I never understood, but to each his own. In the meantime UGG transformed from a surfer beach lifestyle brand to the global quality comfy footwear brand it is today.
The leather hides and sheepskin used are a byproducts from the farmers meat industry. And only sourced from 5 countries that have confirmed agreements on animal welfare.
I cannot find any info on the production welfare side, though. My shoes state they are made in Vietnam. Taking the retail price of € 100 into account – for a mostly fabric shoe – I assume that when material, shipment, marketing, design and profit is deducted a fair payment for the factory workers remains. Or am I naive here? I will send UGG an email tomorrow ask for more info.

In the meantime I have to get rid of that shoebox fresh white look, let’s go outside. Walk a mile in my new shoes.

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