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Salon Residence in Laren goes Boutique Hotel

Salon Residence 2017 Glass Suite

[by Marjolein] Let’s all hot foot now to the renewed Singer Museum in Laren for the Salon Residence this weekend. A true design Walhalla organized by Dutch interiors magazine Residence where the cream of the crop of international and Dutch interior show their latest.
Expect explosions of color (my favorites), serene muted palettes, gorgeous fabrics, art, contemporary design, furniture, bathrooms and much more.
Singer Museum in Laren is transformed into a Residence Boutique Hotel where every room is done by a different designer. Themed spaces with the best of boutique hotels: a scented powder room, the penthouse suite, an office and of course a lobby. Wander through and get lost in a charming way. And guess what? Most of these designers are women. Power women. Yes!

Salon Residence 2017 Laren

Top Five Salon Residence 2017

It was not easy to select my five favourites, but here they are:

  • The sexy Genever Lounge designed by Roelfien Vos. Think a heady mix of dark walls, jungle plants, a fossilized wooden table, mystery, intimacy and art. A reminiscent of a gentlemen’s club. But trust me, girls feel at home here too. Interior designer Roelfien Vos – who is based in Amsterdam – has recently turned fifty, so, welcome to the Chapter Fifty club.
    By the way, this girly literally rocks. Roelfien designed the five apartments used by the Rolling Stones when they were in Holland recently…
  • The iconic sunburst suite by RA. Studio of designer Reineke Antvelink. Sumptuous. Colors. Bamboo. Fairytale. Comfort.
    An inviting bed with an array of different cushions. Bedside lamps to die for. I want to move in. Now. Reineke is a passionate designer who works for private clients and business assignments alike. And also is the woman behind the stunning Mandali Retreat interior.

Salon Residence 2017 Kate Hume

  • The Glass House Suite by Kate Hume. Kate’s use of color – lots of warm yellow this time – is refined and she is the queen of mix and match. At night, this glass house comes alive even more, with the art works – illuminated by different lamps – working magic with the surrounding greens of the garden. “Wagner meets Brancusi”, as Brit Kate Hume puts it herself. More about Kate in our Portraits series.

Salon Residence 2017

  • The Thumbtacks Wallpiece by Matthijs Wateler. My eyes are drawn into a golden artwork. I have to get closer. What is it? This guy sees me staring. It turns out to be the maker in the flesh: artist/interior designer Matthijs Wateler. Energetic Matthijs explains that it is a whole bunch of golden thumbtacks (aka punaises). Whatever, it works for me. The right kind of bling always does, actually.
  • Last but not least on my random Salon Residence top five is the whole event. Miluska van ‘t Lam (editor-in-chief as well as chief organizer) creates a magical experience. Once inside, there is not only interior eye candy all around but also non-stop master classes.
    There is a full program by interior decorators, fabric producers, antiques merchants, table decorators, Farrow & Ball paints, florists, etc.

Now this is a hotel where I would like to stay. But which room to choose?

Parking in Laren village might be a challenge (the parking lot is certainly
not large enough), so bear in mind that you have to walk a bit. Heel wise.
Entry fee is € 25 (same price online or at the door).
Salon Residence 28 sep - 1 oct
Singer Museum

Salon Residence greenhouse Kate Hume

Salon Residence 2017 Laren


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