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Skin dressed in light, Sensai new foundations workshop

Sensai Beauty Foundation

Japanese do it differently. That’s what we’ve learned on our exclusive Sensai meets Chapter Fifty Japanese skin care routine workshop. Where we might tend to rush while cleaning and applying moisturizer in the morning, Japanese women take their time and apply layer after layer. A zen way to start ànd finish the day.
Applying Sensai’s latest foundation range Skin Dressed in Light (the name alone) is the finishing touch of discovering the Japanese holistic skin care philosophy every step of the – silky – way.

Sensai Beauty workshop

Sensai’s cleaning system

You can feel the excitement. While we enjoy meeting each other again and talk shop over vegetarian bites, we’re also eying the long table awaiting us. Beautifully set-up with make-up mirrors, mis-en-place trays, satin brushes, soft towels and rows of jars, bottles and an army of lipsticks standing proudly in order. It reminds me of the magic of my mothers dressing table when I was little.
This afternoon we follow the Sensai Beauty lecture by head trainer Jaqueline and will be learning by doing at the same time. Our mature skin – and we! – needs the attention its deserve. Step by step Jaqueline explains and we follow.  The first step is double cleansing. After remove & reveal (cleansing milk) comes cleanse & purify (foaming facewash).

Sensai Beauty

Naked faces don’t care

With the cleanest faces – photo time! – ever we apply the next step, the lotion. Not the cotton-wipe-pad-movement kind, we add lotion to a sheet mask and leave it on for 5 minutes to massage the rest in after. In Japan lotion is the most important skin preparation step. It saturates the skin with moisture leaving it supple for the next layers. While the lotion mask does it’s trick on the face, we mask our hands with intensive handcream.
Our skin is now more than ready for the Cellular Perfomance Intensive serum, eyecream and facial cream… Pure luxury.

Sensai Beauty workshop

Sensai flawless foundation

Purified and well moisturized, applying the new natural, flawless foundation and a little make-up is the final touch. Think kid in a candy store situation. It is priceless to get – daylight – guidance from the Sensai make-up artists (tnx, ladies) to pick the right colour foundation. We all have a stack of jars at home with what appeared to be the right colour. At the beauty store.

Looking up from the mirror we see that not only our skins are dressed in light. We are dressed in light! What a perfect friday afternoon silky treat. We are definitely trying this at home. Arigoto goizaimashita for this private event, Sensai.

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Sensai Flawless Foundation

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