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#60daysasiapacificjourney with Cathay Pacific. Uh, what to pack?

#60daysasiapacificjourney Cathay Pacific

Yes, the title says 60 days. No typo. Both mr. B and me are quite excited for our upcoming trip. We leave in a few days for a one of a kind journey: sixty days through Asia and the Pacific! This trip definitely deserves its own hashtag, #60daysasiapacificjourney.
We both regret not travelling the globe on a backpack sabbatical after finishing school – stone ages ago – and decided that now is the time to wander extensively. No postponing, no arguing why not, but pack our suitcases (we skipped the backpacks this time) and go.
We’ve been planning for months. Unraveling the extensive route network of and in close partnership with  Cathay Pacific business class. We anticipate to spend the first week of our journey in Cathay’s home base Hong Kong.
Also our hub from where we travel to Japan, New Zealand and Fiji. To return to Hong Kong again in January 2018 for a few more days before we head back to Amsterdam. In short, Life Well Travelled.

The Life Well Travelled

The Life Well Travelled

Live in the moment and cherish experience over possession, that is what a life well travelled – together with mr. B. – means to me.
I’ve been intrigued by other cultures and the freedom of travelling since my youth. Moving from a small village to Amsterdam when I was seventeen was the first step and there was no stopping me then. Go global!
Looking back, it might very well be that my wanderlust has been the alternative motive for my choice of education in the hospitality business and working in the airline industry for many years.
And now, after a detour or two in life and work, I am back where I started with what I love doing most: to travel and share my stories and photos on this platform, in print and on Instagram.

#60daysaasiapacificjourney Cathay Pacific

Challenge: pack for 60 days

I like packing, but a 60 days journey lifts the term smart packing to a whole new level. This trip will have City, Golf, Beach, Fine Dining, Hiking, Roadtrip, Museum visits and much more on the itinerary.
My limited suitcase space requires some practical thinking. We’ve decided that one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage each has to do. So, what I’ll bring must double for a variety of occasions and climates. This is how I proceed:

#60daysasiapacificjourney Muji

  • start in advance and make a special clothes-rack-destination-corner
  • first select basics in black and white
  • then add prints to spice up the monochrome
  • invest in packing cubes: a lightweight suitcase-within-your-suitcase.
    Don’t touch my Muji cubes
  • let’s talk shoes, tough choices to be made in this department. White sneakers during the flight, black loafers, Birkenstock slippers and golden sandals. Oh, golf/hiking shoes. Five pair really is the bare minimum.

Keep in mind that style and function must go hand in hand and classics are key. Oversized men’s shirt – more than one -, black pants, khaki chino, cropped jeans, black jacket, LBD and white sneakers to name a few. No heels needed on this trip.
Layers and natural fabrics are important, especially in humid and hot cities. Therefore silk and cotton form the base. That and I never travel without my longtime travel essentials, a Cashmere poncho and pants for chilly evenings or long haul flights.

#60daysasiapacificjourney Cathay Pacific Busines Class

Cathay Pacific & trip coverage

Together with Cathay Pacific we will roam this part of the globe. Our first time with Cathay Pacific and we are looking forward to experience their premium service reputation for ourselves.
I hope you’ll understand that the focus on Chapter Fifty for the next 60 days will be entirely on this unique trip with luxury hotels, inspiring cultures and nature! And on two hashtags, #60daysasiapacificjourney and #lifewelltravelled.

Cathay Pacific #60daysasiapacificjourney
The flights during this trip are sponsored by Cathay Pacific.
I only accept collaborations that answer positive to the question: “does it match my lifestyle?”. Authenticity is very important to me. Words, photos and opinions are my own.

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  • Reply danielle van berkel at

    Darling! Have a wonderful trip and we’re waiting to read all about it! Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy and come home safe. Big kiss for you and Mr. B!

  • Reply Karin B. at

    Ah, how sweet! Tnx, dear. It is really going to happen after all this planning… Very exited and hope to see you in Hong Kong … X

  • Reply sue virginia smith at

    Oh what an adventure! I will be ( virtual)traveling with you on this great journey and will be enthusiastic to see your tips & secrets for Hongkong
    Safe travels & lots of joy

    • Reply Karin B. at

      Thnx, Sue! It ís an adventure! Four countries I’ve never been before, so bring it on. Happy to have you virtually along x

  • Reply Merel Disselkoen at

    Wow, what an awesome experiences the two of you will have ahead! I’ll be traveling with you, following your stories and images…. I like – I like -I like 🙂
    Love for you and Mr. B. ,


    • Reply Karin B. at

      Hi Mereltje 😉
      Isn’t it great indeed! So excited!! Love to tag you along online.
      xx from mr. B et moi

  • Reply Loes Slokkers at

    Have a great trip…bon voyage! X

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