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Beauty Bucketlist update: 6 x Fall Favourites

fall favourites

I like the change of seasons, Summer changing slowly into Fall. Although I readily admit: I cheat, spending most of my days in places where pumpkin and rusty tints colour the day but heavy downpour is rare.
New Season ahead means new products on my desk and new skin care routines. Or better, adjustments. Some beauty tricks are needed 365 days a year, like SPF.
I’ve been testing several products, these are my Fall Favourites with roses, bees and a revolutionary facial toning device in the leading role.Fall Favourites Nuface mini

NuFace, a micro current treatment

I am familiar with micro current treatments from salon facials and happy to learn that this trick can be done at home. As in do try this at home.
I’ve been using NuFace mini travel device rather religiously the past months and notice difference in my skin. Not only in a ‘fuller’ skin and less ‘sagging along the jaw line’ but also a diminishing of age spots. I know, I should have taken before/after pics but you know my opinion on that: make them in the same studio with the same light or don’t do it at all.

This face fitness device comes with a gel primer – necessary for easy gliding, which I am not too fond of since you have to rinse it off afterwards. Now I use the new 24k Gold primer which is infused with anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid, algae, and peptides. This one you can leave on, has an application brush and is paraben, oil and fragrance free. Alternate, I also use my Sensai lotion II as primer. Works as well.
I take my NuFace mini everywhere I travel and yes, some eyebrows are raised at security while unpacking electrical devices. But come on guys, electrical shocks?

º NuFace mini | Facial Toning Device | € 219

Beauty Update Rodial Bee Venom

Rodial Bee Venom body serum

A lightweight and velvety soft body cream based on a unique blend of bee venom – thank you, bees – stem cells, retinol and peptide. The texture feels soft en luxurious at the same time and is easily taken in by my skin. I use it after shower when my skin is still a bit moist. Add the vague scent of rose and honey to that for the final verdict: this one’s a winner, babe.

Warning: do not use if you have an allergy to bee stings. Test first.

º Rodial | Bee Venom Body Serum | € 78 | 200 ml

fall favourites A/N/G cosmetics

A/N/G cosmetics lift up serum

This is new, a spray serum. Can be used as moisturizer replacement or even as last step on top of make-up. Keep your eyes closed and spray 3 to 6 x on face, neck and decolletage.
Provides the skin with a soluble layer of skin-identical collagen peptides. Ideal if your skin is dry and is low on its natural luminosity. I have it close at hand during flights.
No preservatives, mineral oils, silicone and colorants.

º A/N/G Cosmetics | Lift Up Serum Spray | € 69,50 | 50 ml

Fall Favourites Colorscience brush on spf

Colorscience mineral sunscreen brush

Another travel companion is the SPF 30 mineral sunscreen powder. In a brush. This handy retractable brush offers a powerful and chemical free sun protection. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide broad spectrum sun protection from UVA and UVB rays.
I use it as a finishing powder, color medium, several times a day when I spend more time outside. Wether biking through Amsterdam or harvesting vegetables in de garden in Algarve.
Free of parabens, dyes, chemicals, colorants and fragrances.

º Colorscience | Sunforgettable SPF 30 brush | € 54,50 | 6 gr.Beauty update Team dr Josep rose toner

Dr. Joseph Rose Toner

Give me the scent of roses and I’m in. Like sweet scent of the dr. Hauschka mascara. This rose toner of Austrian skincare brand dr. Joseph stands on my desk next to my Macbook and refreshes my skin (and mind!) while typing away.
In the labs of dr. Joseph the ancient wisdom of folk medicine and the latest scientific findings meet, the genius of nature meets sophisticated know-how.

º Team dr. Joseph| Rose Toner | € 24,65 | 150 ml spray


Fall Favourites Sensai

Sensai eyebrow pencil

Simple but good, this eyebrow pencil ticks all the boxes. Spiral brush on one side, oval-shaped lead swivel up on the other. The lead comes in two colour – greyish 01 and brownish 02 – and has a soft, powdery consistency. Ideal for natural-looking lines.
Sustainable edge, when the lead pencil is finished replace it with a refill only. No need to buy a new one.

º Sensai | Eyebrow pencil| € 33,65 | 0,2 gr  (refill 16,75)

Chapter Fifty receives new products on regular basis. Some products described in this blog post are press gifts, others personal purchases.  I only accept items or collaborations that answer positive to the question: “would I have bought these – and therefore use – myself?”. I will not promote anything that I would not wear, eat, sleep or see myself.  Authenticity is very important to me. KB

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