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Tiger prawn love at 2 Passos restaurant in Algarve

4 April 2018
2 passos algarve

If I have to make a choice between to dine or to lunch, the latter often wins. That’s what I like about Portugal, or other southern countries, they take lunching out very seriously.
2 Passos (pronounce Dos Passos) is another lunch gem just behind the beach at Praia do Anção. Location, location, location. This is where mr. B. and I celebrated last weekends Easter lunch. Found no eggs but the great food made up for that. Gastronomy with a taste of the sea.

2 passos restaurant algarve

New look for 2 Passos

For over 30 years this place is a landmark at the Algarvian coast. I remember the first time eating grilled fish here, some 25 years ago. Then a low key local place, more a bar than a restaurant but with great seafood.
Founded by a Portuguese/Dutch couple (the Passos Family – retired and into making olive oil now) the restaurant 2 Passos is now run by the second generation, so a real family business.
Over the last 30 years the restaurant has changed looks a few times with the last huge renovation in 2015. With a surprising Scandic looking minimalistic wooden place as result. A complete rebuilt which I would rather expect along one of the many waterways outside Stockholm than at the Algarvean beach side. I like its sophisticated style although the Portuguese characteristic charm has gone.
Due to new infrastructure plans by the authorities, they had to rebuilt to ensure security towards the erosive tendency of the dune system. So higher on its legs this time which means more sea views!

2 passos tiger prawns

Seafood on the 2 Passos menu

What stayed the same is food and staff, Portuguese characteristics which enhance eachother. Try to get a seat in Christina’s or Fatima’s area, they both are always in a good mood and take great care. And do take the couvery, I fancy the little bowls with fresh chopped garlic (!!), sea salt, tapenade and olive oil that accompany the home baked bread and toasts.
The menu is based on Mediterranean and Regional Portuguese food, it’s all about freshness from the sea sourced daily from the local markets.
My routine starts with amêijoas à Bulhâo Pato to share, clams sautéed in olive oil, garlic, fresh parsley & broth. This really is my number one favorite Portuguese dish. After that the signature 2 Passos Tiger Prawnscamerão tigre as Passos. Again think garlic, herbs and oil with some chili. Delicious! Served with boiled potatoes in the skin or with the house specialty brown rice with ketjap and raisins. For me, two of those prawns is the perfect number together with the broadbeans salad (salada de favas from the starters menu).

Also new is the lounge rooftop terrace with spectacular sea views. Perfect spot to relax after lunch or after a relaxing day at the beach. For those into alcohol, this space screams gin tonic.
Downside is that the acoustics can be poor due to glass windows all around. Allthough some olive trees are added inside and that helps. Try a table along the sides and slide the floor-to-ceilings glass windows open. Sea breeze and seaviews. This is not a cheap place (compared to the many 7,50 euro prato de dia local lunch spots) but worth every penny. Enjoy a long, long lunch. That’s all the food you need for today!

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